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Philips HR2864/00 User Manual

Philips blender hr2864.
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    ENGLISH 6...

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    Put the mains plug in the wall socket. Switch the appliance on again. Please contact your Philips dealer or authorised Philips service centre if the automatic thermal cut-off system is activaed too often. CAUTION: In order to avoid a hazardous situation, this appliance must never be connected to a timer switch.

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    Do not remove accessories from the motorunit when the appliance is working. Do not exceed the quantities and preparation times indicated in the diverse sections. Let hot ingredients cool down before chopping them or pouring them into the blender jar (max. temperature 80cC/175cF). Keep the appliance out of the reach of children.

  • Page 8: Using The Appliance

    ENGLISH Using the appliance Blender The blender is intended for: - Blending fluids, e.g. dairy products, sauces, fruit juices, soups, mixed drinks, shakes. - Mixing soft ingredients, e.g. pancake batter or mayonnaise. - Pureeing cooked ingredients, e.g. for making baby food. Put the rubber sealing ring around the edge of the knife unit.

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    Ingredients to process liquid ingredients (e.g. chocolate milk, milk with fruit, mayonnaise) heavier ingredients e.g. a combination of liquid and solid ingredients (e.g. tomato sauce or pate) heavy, mainly solid ingredients (e.g. ice cubes, soups, beans, etc.) Put the mains plug in the wall socket. Select the desired speed setting and the appliance will switch on.

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    ENGLISH Filter You can use the filter accessory to obtain extra finely blended sauces, fresh fruit juices or soy milk.All pips and skins will remain in the filter. Put the filter in the blender jar. Make sure the filter is properly fitted on the bottom of the jar. Put the lid in place to fix the filter.

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    For making soy milk: Soak soy beans for at least 4 hours before processing them. You can process max. 145 g. (a measuring cup full) of soaked soybeans (this is equal with 65 g. dried soybeans) with max. 650 ml. (3 measuring cups full) water at a time.

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    ENGLISH Ensure the rubber ring on the blade unit is properly placed. Screw the blade unit onto the beaker. If this requires some effort, moisten the rubber ring with a drop of water. Turn the assembled mill upside down, place it on the motor unit and turn the mill in the direction of the arrow.

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    Put the blade unit in the bowl. The cutting edges of the blades are very sharp: avoid touching them! Put the ingredients in the bowl. Cut large ingredients into pieces of approximately 1-2 cm/0.5-1 inch before processing. Never exceed the maximum quantity. See the table for the advised quantities.

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    ENGLISH When you have finished chopping, switch the appliance off, unplug it and detach the chopper by turning it in the direction of the arrow. Remove the chopper from the motor unit before you empty the bowl. Cleaning Cleaning of the appliance, its parts and accessories is easiest immediately after use.

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    Do not immerse the gear box into water. Guarantee & service If you need information or if you have a problem, please visit the Philips Web site at or contact the Philips Customer Care Centre in your country (you will find its phone number in the worldwide guarantee leaflet).

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    ENGLISH Recipes You can make delicious juices, shakes, soups and sauces in no time at all.To give you an idea of the possibilities, we have included a number of recipes which will certainly prove a success. Savoury cakes - 250gr vegetable pulp (particularly suitable are cabbage, celery or celeriac, tomatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, leeks, spinach and fennel) - 100 gr breadcrumbs - 2 eggs...

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    Vitamin drink (three glasses) - 1 mango - 1 banana - juice of 1 apple (washed), 1 kiwi fruit and 1 orange - 2 tsp honey (or more, according to taste) - 300 ml buttermilk Peel the kiwi fruit and the orange. Process them in the blender together with the apple.

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    ENGLISH Wash the grapes and remove the stalks. Process them in the blender. Put the grape juice in the blender. Peel the cucumber, halve it lengthwise and remove the seeds. Cut the cucumber into thick slices and add these slices to the grape juice in the blender. Add the shallot, the garlic, the salt and the pepper and run the machine briefly.

  • Page 19: Troubleshooting Guide

    The chopper leaks Despite the filter accessory juices show pulp of fruits or soybean. * If problems persist or if other problems occur, please contact Philips Customer Service Hotline, Philips Offices or Philips Service Centre for assistance. Solution The appliance is provided with a safety system. If accessories are not properly connected with the motor unit, the appliance does not work.

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