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Set Mode; Stab On/Off; Auto Tilt - Honeywell Bendix/King KMD 850 Pilot's Manual Addendum

Digital weather radar function
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When the Outer Control
Knob is placed in the SET
position, a display similar to
Figure 1 will be displayed.
These Soft Keys allow
access to the functions
shown. Not all these func-
tions will be available in all
weather radar installations.


Figure 1
Pressing the STAB ON/OFF Key will toggle radar antenna stabilization
on or off, which is reflected in the upper left of the display.
NOTE: The RDS 84 and RDS 86 radars do not support manual stabi-
lization ON/OFF control and will ignore the command from the KMD
850. The annunciation in the top left of the display will always
reflect the present stabilization status of the radar system.


Pressing the AUTO TILT
Key will toggle between
manual and automatic radar
antenna tilt control. When in
manual mode, the tilt display
fields in the upper right
corner of the display will be
similar to Figure 1. When in
automatic mode, the fields
will be similar to that shown
in Figure 2, with an "A" in
Figure 2
front of the tilt value to indi-
cate Auto Tilt Mode.
Manual Tilt Mode
In manual mode the radar antenna tilt angle is adjusted by moving the
Joystick up or down. The antenna tilt may be adjusted up or down 15°.
See the radar system operator's manual for proper tilt management.
Rev 2 Jan/2002
KMD 850 Wx Radar Addendum



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