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Modes Of Operation; Menu Mode; Entering Menu Mode - Honeywell BW RigRat User Manual

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10. Modes of Operation

The RigRat has three modes, Operation Mode, Menu Mode, and Diagnostic Mode.
Operation Mode
Menus in Operation Mode are easy to step through by pressing the button.
Note: There is only one button.
Note: There are two types of button presses: Short press (Click) and longer press (Hold).

Menu Mode

In Menu Mode, the RigRat provides access to start calibration, enable/disable sensors, and enter
Mesh Network Assistant.
This mode can only be accessed with the instrument turned on and then holding the button down
through the 3-2-1 countdown, followed by a second 3-2-1 countdown.

10.2.1. Entering Menu Mode

1. With the RigRat on, hold the button down through the 3-2-1 countdown, followed by a second
3-2-1 countdown.
2. The password screen appears, release the keys.
3. Enter the 4-digit password (the default password is 0000).
Step from one position in the four-character string to the other by holding the button down.
Press the button repeatedly to select a desired number. Numbers increase from 0 to 9.
Once 9 is reached, pressing again "wraps" around back to 0.
4. When you are done, hold down the button. If you input the correct password, you receive
Start Calibration
Initiate a calibration by holding the button. Calibration will begin with fresh air calibration. Follow the
instructions on the screen for other calibrations.
Enable/Disable Sensors
You can individually enable or disable a sensor.
1. Press the button to scroll through the sensors.
2. Hold the button down to enable/disable a selected sensor.
Mesh Network Assistant
The screen shows these:
Unit ID
Signal quality
Ping Tx
Ping Rx
Signal quality shows how well signal is being received. Ping Tx (Ping transmission) "pings" other
wirelessly connected devices on the network. Each ping is counted. Ping Rx (Ping received) indicates
how many pings have been received by other devices on the network.
BW RigRat User's Guide


Table of Contents

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