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Philips 190S6FGT/00 User Manual

Philips lcd kiosk touchscreen 190s6fgt 48 cm (19") sxga.
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User Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Philips Business Solutions User Manual TYPE Nr. 190S6FGT...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Philips' Flat Panel Monitors Pixel Defect Policy ........
  • Page 4 User Manual 190S6FGT 13.1.3 Bright Dot Defects ............46 13.1.4 Black Dot Defects .
  • Page 5: Important Notes And Safety Instructions

    DC power cord for normal operation. ■ Please use approved power cord provided by Philips all the time. If your power cord is missing, please contact with your local service center. (Please refer to Customer Care Consumer Information Center) ■...
  • Page 6: Maintenance

    User Manual 190S6FGT ■ This product has already been treated for low static electricity buildup and radiation emission. However, since children do not have fully developed eyesight, to avoid damage to their eyesight we recommend young children rest their eyes after 30 minutes of use. 1.1.2 MAINTENANCE: ■...
  • Page 7: Warnings And Precautions

  • Page 8: Cleaning & Care

    END-OF-LIFE DISPOSAL ■ This Philips product and its packaging contain materials that can be recycled and re-used. Specialized companies can recycle your product to increase the amount of reusable materials and minimize the amounts which need to be properly disposed.
  • Page 9: Information For Users In The Uk

    INFORMATION FOR USERS IN THE UK WARNING: THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED This apparatus is supplied with an approved moulded 13A plug. To change a fuse in this type of plug proceed as follows: 1 Remove fuse cover and fuse. 2 Fit new fuse which should be a BS 1362 5A,A.S.T.A.
  • Page 10 User Manual 190S6FGT...
  • Page 11: Regulatory Notice

    2. REGULATORY NOTICE FCC Statement The Federal Communications Commission Radio Frequency Interference Statement includes the following warning: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 12 User Manual 190S6FGT...
  • Page 13: Product Features

    3. PRODUCT FEATURES Lower total cost of ownership SmartManage enabled ● Lower power consumption ● Optimal Public Displayfront of screen experience SXGA, 1280 x 1024 resolution ● sRGB ready ● Fast response time ● Convenient adaptability Built-in Touch screen ● Ultra robust metal housing ●...
  • Page 14 User Manual 190S6FGT...
  • Page 15: Unpacking And Installation

    4. UNPACKING AND INSTALLATION UNPACKING ■ The monitor is packed in a carton, together with the standard accessories. Any other optional accessories will be packed separately. ■ The touch screen is a plastic-coated glass plate placed on top of the 19"...
  • Page 16: Installation Notes

    User Manual 190S6FGT INSTALLATION NOTES The touch screen monitor meets the Vesa Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface standard. The VESA mounting interface is located at the back of the touch screen monitor. Use M4 screws with a length of 10 mm to install mounting devices, such as wall and table arms.
  • Page 17: Parts & Functions

    5. PARTS & FUNCTIONS FRONT VIEW 1. Touch screen 2. Speakers left and right User Manual 190S6FGT...
  • Page 18: Rear View

    User Manual 190S6FGT REAR VIEW 1. STATUS LED Indicates the status of the monitor. 2. POWER switch Turns power on/off from stand-by mode. There is a wait period between on/off cycles. 3. OSD Menu button Use this button to enter the OSD controls. 4.
  • Page 19: Connection To External Equipment

    6. CONNECTION TO EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT CONNECTING A PC Caution: Before connecting the cables to the touch screen monitor and PC, be sure the computer is turned off and the power cable of the touch screen monitor is not plugged in. 6.1.1 THE TOUCH SCREEN CONNECTIONS The following cables need to be connected to the touch screen monitor:...
  • Page 20: Pc Connections

    User Manual 190S6FGT 6.1.2 PC CONNECTIONS 1 Turn off your computer and unplug its power cable (1). 2 Connect the VGA signal cable to the video connector (2) on the back of your computer. Secure the cable by turning the screws on the connector clockwise.
  • Page 21: Start Up

    The built-in VESA DDC2B feature in Philips Monitors supports Plug & Play requirements for Windows® 95/98/2000/Me/XP. This information file (.inf) should be installed in order that your Philips monitor can be enabled from the 'Monitor' dialog box in Windows® 95/98/2000/Me/XP and the Plug &...
  • Page 22 User Manual 190S6FGT For Windows® Me 1 Start Windows® Me. 2 Click on the 'Start' button. 3 Select 'Settings', then click on 'Control Panel'. 4 Double click on the 'Display' icon. 5 Select the 'Settings' tab, then click on 'Advanced...'. 6 Select the 'Monitor' button, then click on 'Change...' button.
  • Page 23 For Windows® XP 1 Start Windows® XP. 2 Click on the 'Start' button, then click on 'Control Panel'. 3 Select and click on the category 'Printers and Other Hardware' 4 Click on the 'Display' Item. 5 Select the 'Settings' tab, then click on the 'Advanced' button. 6 Select 'Monitor' tab If the 'Properties' button is inactive, it means your monitor is ●...
  • Page 24: Installing The Serial Touch Driver For Windows

    User Manual 190S6FGT 6.2.2 INSTALLING THE SERIAL TOUCH DRIVER FOR WINDOWS Note: For Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 you must have administrator access rights in order to install the driver. 1 Insert the CD containing the serial touch drivers into the CD-ROM drive of your computer.
  • Page 25 User Manual 190S6FGT Installation example for Windows 2000 1 On the installation CD, browse to the files in the figure. 2 Double-click ’setup.exe’ to start the installation. => The Welcome screen appears. 3 Click NEXT to continue. 4 Select the COM (serial) port where the touch screen is plugged into. 5 Leave baud rate at 9600.
  • Page 26 User Manual 190S6FGT 7 This is an optional feature, mostly not selected. 8 Click NEXT to continue. 9 The Onetouch installation wizard asks you to confirm if the selected settings are correct. 10 Click NEXT to continue. 11 Click INSTALL to start the installation.
  • Page 27 User Manual 190S6FGT 12 Click REBOOT to re-start your system. 13 After restart the Alignment screen shows up automatically. 14 Press the dot as precise as possible with your finger. 15 After this, three other marker dots will show up in the corners to touch exactly as possible.
  • Page 28 User Manual 190S6FGT 17 You will return to the desktop. The system is now touch enabled! You can configure settings by selecting: START => Programs => ONE2K (XP) =>: CONFIG ● For setting a different communication port. MKSCREEN ● For re-calibrating the screen. TOUCH ●...
  • Page 29: Basic Functions

    ON-SCREEN DISPLAY MENU What is the On-Screen Display? On-Screen Display (OSD) is a feature in all Philips LCD monitors. It allows an end user to adjust screen performance or select functions of the monitors directly through an on-screen instruction window.
  • Page 30: The Osd Tree

    Using a standard unified color space, sRGB will help represent pictures taken by an sRGB compatible device correctly on your sRGB enabled Philips monitors. In that way, the colors are calibrated and you can rely on the correctness of the colors shown on your screen.
  • Page 31: Advanced Functions

    IT administrator in particular, to manage their Philips monitors as part of the asset management environment. The solution includes three essential components, Philips SmartManage Administrator, and Philips SmartControl and Agent. Philips SmartManage is a solution joint developed by Philips and Altiris Inc. 8.1.2 SMARTMANAGE FEATURES AND BENEFITS...
  • Page 32 Philips Smart Control The SmartControl and SmartManage Agent are deployed and installed in computers using Philips monitors. With SmartControl and SmartManage Agent, monitors and PCs can interact with the administrator's inquiries. Because SmartControl operates on individual PC, end users can also use SmartControl to adjust monitor's performance settings.
  • Page 33 User Manual 190S6FGT ■ SmartControl Options Display and Sound By moving the sliding bar toward left or right, you can adjust brightness, contrast, audio volume (if applicable), video noise (not applicable when using DVI-D input), and color temperatures. Position Users can adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the screen by moving the sliding bar left and right.
  • Page 34 User Manual 190S6FGT Product Information Click Product Information in the left pane to view the product information stored in the monitor's memory. General Click on General for general information including driver information, device information, and monitor control.
  • Page 35: Technical Specifications

    9. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Display Panel Type TFT LCD Screen Size 19"/48 cm diagonal Pixel Pitch 0.294 x 0.294 mm Number of Pixels 1280 (Horizontal) x 1024 (Vertical) Effective viewing area 376.32 x 301.06 mm LCD Panel type 1280 x 1024 pixels R.G.B.
  • Page 36 User Manual 190S6FGT Optical characteristics Contrast Ratio 500:1(typ) Brightness 250 Nit Peak contrast angle 6 o'clock White Chromaticity x: 0.283 y: 0.297 (at 9300°K) x: 0.313 y: 0.329 (at 6500°K) x: 0.313 y: 0.329 (at sRGB) Viewing Angle (C/R>5) Upper >80° (typ.) Lower >80°...
  • Page 37 Pin Assignments 1. The 15-pin D-sub connector (male) of the signal cable: Pin.No. RED video input GREEN video input BLUE video input GND Cable detect RED Video ground GREEN Video ground BLUE GND Video ground H-SYNC V-SYNC 2. Fixed touch screen cable with 9-pin D-sub connector and 5-pin mini DIN for (PS2) keyboard input.
  • Page 38 User Manual 190S6FGT...
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    10. TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom No picture is displayed. Interference displayed on the monitor or audible noise is heard. Color is abnormal. Picture is distorted with abnormal patterns. Display image doesn’t fill up the full size of the screen. Can hear sound, but no picture is displayed.
  • Page 40 Wrong setting of the operating frequency. Incorrect baud rate. For further assistance, refer to the Consumer Information Centers list and contact your local Philips distributor. Remedy 1 From DOS re-run the MKSCR.EXE (from Windows re-run the WMKSCR.EXE) program. Realign the touch screen to your monitor.
  • Page 41: Limited Warranty (usa)

    ■ Product repair and/or part replacement because of misuse, accident, unauthorized repair or other cause not within the control of Philips Consumer Electronics North America. ■ A product that requires modification or adaptation to enable it to...
  • Page 42 Philips Consumers Electronics North America. In countries where Philips Consumers Electronics North America does not distribute the product, the local Philips service organization will attempt to provide service (although there may be a delay if the appropriate spare parts and technical manual(s) are not readily available).
  • Page 43: Warranty (western Europe)

    Should you encounter any difficulties while installing or using this product, please contact the Philips helpdesk directly to benefit from your Philips Warranty. This three-year service warranty entitles you to a carry in repair if your monitor turns out to be faulty or defective.
  • Page 44 In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, we advise you to read the operating instructions carefully or go to the website for additional support before contacting the Philips help desk. To solve your problem quickly, please prepare the following details before contacting the Philips helpdesk: ■...
  • Page 45 User Manual 190S6FGT To obtain warranty service or if you have questions … Please contact Philips Customer Service Center at one of the telephone numbers below: Austria ... 0820 901115 Belgium ... 070 253 010 Denmark ... 3525 8761 Finland ... 09 2290 1908 France ...
  • Page 46 User Manual 190S6FGT...
  • Page 47: Appendix

    13.1 PHILIPS' FLAT PANEL MONITORS PIXEL DEFECT POLICY Philips strives to deliver the highest quality products. We use some of the industry's most advanced manufacturing processes and practice stringent quality control. However, pixel or sub pixel defects on the TFT LCD panels used in flat panel monitors are sometimes unavoidable.
  • Page 48: Bright Dot Defects

    13.1.6 PIXEL DEFECT TOLERANCES In order to qualify for repair or replacement due to pixel defects during the warranty period, a TFT LCD panel in a Philips flat panel monitor must have pixel or sub pixel defects exceeding the tolerances listed in...
  • Page 49 5 or fewer 2 or fewer 15mm or more 5 or fewer ACCEPTABLE LEVEL 190S6 5 or fewer Notes: ● * 1 or 2 adjacent sub pixel defects = 1 dot defect. ● All Philips monitors are ISO13406-2 Compliant. User Manual 190S6FGT...
  • Page 50: The Working Principle Of 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen

    User Manual 190S6FGT Front view 13.2 THE WORKING PRINCIPLE OF 5 WIRE RESISTIVE TOUCH SCREEN The Structure of Touch screen The 5 wire resistive touch screen uses a glass panel with a uniform conductive ITO (indium tin oxide) coating on the one-side surface.
  • Page 51: Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

    Q: When I install my monitor what should I do if the screen shows 'Cannot display this video mode'? A: Recommended video mode for Philips 19": 1280x1024 @60Hz. 1 Unplug all cables, then connect your PC to the monitor that you used previously.
  • Page 52 User Manual 190S6FGT Q: What are the .inf and .icm files on the CD-ROM? How do I install the drivers A: These are the monitor driver files for your touch screen monitor. Follow the instructions in your manual to install the drivers. Your computer may ask you for monitor drivers icm files) or a driver disk when you first install your monitor.
  • Page 53 Compatability with other Peripherals Q: Can I connect my LCD monitor to any PC, workstation or Mac? A: No. All Philips LCD monitors are only compatible with standard (Windows) PCs. You may need a cable adapter to connect the monitor to your Mac system. Please contact your dealer/retailer for more information.
  • Page 54 User Manual 190S6FGT LCD Panel Technology Q: What is a Liquid Crystal Display? A: A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is an optical device that is commonly used to display ASCII characters and images on digital items such as watches, calculators, portable game consoles, etc. LCD is the technology used for displays in notebooks and other small computers.
  • Page 55 bottom. When impressed with voltage, liquid crystal molecules are arranged vertically from the original spiral structure and the direction of the light is not turned through 90 degrees. In this case, light that comes through the top polarized panel may not go through the polarized panel at the bottom.
  • Page 56 User Manual 190S6FGT A: Technically speaking, LCDs do flicker, but the cause of the phenomenon is different from that of a CRT monitor -- and it has no impact of the ease of viewing. Flickering in an LCD monitor relates to usually undetectable luminance caused by the difference between positive and negative voltage.
  • Page 57: Faq's For Touch Screen

    Ergonomics, Ecology and Safety Standards Q: What is the CE mark? A: The CE (Conformité Européenne) mark is required to be displayed on all regulated products offered for sale on the European market. This 'CE' mark means that a product complies with the relevant European Directive.
  • Page 58 User Manual 190S6FGT...

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