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Philips 42HFL4372D/10 User Manual

Philips professional lcd tv 42hfl4372d 42" primesuite dvb-t/c mpeg 2/4.
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User Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at User Manual 22HFL4372D/10 26HFL4372D/10 32HFL4372D/10 42HFL4372D/10...
  • Page 2 United Kingdom General No: 0870 900 9070 General National Rate No: 0870 911 0036 Україна 8-800-500-69-70 This information is correct at the time of press. For updated information, see Model Serial €0.07 pro Minute €0.06 Per minuut/Par minute Местен...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    PrimeSuite Remote Control Activate the television 8 Connect devices Back connector Side connector Connect a computer Use a Conditional Access Module Use Philips EasyLink Use a Kensington lock 9 Product information Supported display resolutions Multimedia Tuner / Reception / Transmission Remote control...
  • Page 4: Notice

    1 Notice 2010 © Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V or their respective owners. Philips reserves the right to change products at any time without being obliged to adjust earlier supplies accordingly.
  • Page 5 Philips plays an active role in the development of international EMF and safety standards, enabling Philips to anticipate further developments in standardisation for early integration in its products.
  • Page 6: Important

    TV. If liquids are spilt on or into the TV, disconnect the TV from the power outlet immediately. Contact Philips Consumer Care to have the TV checked before use. • Never place the TV, remote control or batteries near naked flames or other heat sources, including direct sunlight.
  • Page 7 Risk of injury, fire or power cord damage! • Never place the TV or any objects on the power cord. • To disconnect the TV power cord easily from the power outlet, ensure that you have full access to the power cord at all times.
  • Page 8: Tv Overview

    3 TV overview This section gives you an overview of commonly used TV controls and functions. Please read section 3 to 6 to set the basic consumer menu first, then follow the instructions in section 7 to set the Professional mode menu.
  • Page 9 For 42 inch TV +/- : Increases or decreases volume.In the home menu, press these buttons to move horizontally. MENU : Accesses the home menu. Press again to launch an activity in the home menu. c P/CH +/- : Switches to the next or previous channel.
  • Page 10: Guest Remote Control

    Guest remote control (Standby-On) • Switches the TV to standby if it is on. • Switches on the TV if it is in standby. EPG/TELETEXT Accesses the browse menu to select TV channel list, the Electronic Programme Guide and teletext. ALARM Lauches [Alarm time] menu.
  • Page 11 +/- (Volume +/-) Increases or decreases volume. BACK • Returns to a previous screen. • Returns to the previously viewed channel. q Colour buttons • Selects tasks or options. • When Professional mode is On, press to operate Multi remote control function.
  • Page 12: Basic Tv Menus

    Basic TV menus Home The home menu gives you easy access to connected devices, picture and sound settings, and other useful features. Press . Select an item in the home menu, then press OK to access the menu. To exit the home menu, press To start an activity, select the desired item with the Navigation buttons, then press OK: •...
  • Page 13 Setup [Setup] in the home menu allows you to change most of the TV settings, including: • Picture or sound settings • Installation or update of TV channels • Update of TV software • Other special features In the home menu, select [Setup], then press OK.
  • Page 14: Use Your Product

    4 Use your product This section helps you perform basic TV operations. Switch your TV on / off or to standby To switch on • If the standby indicator is off, press (POWER) at the side of the TV. • If the standby indicator is red, press (Standby-On) on the remote control.
  • Page 15: Adjust Tv Volume

    • Press to return to the previously- viewed channel. • Enter a channel number using the Numeric buttons. To view analogue or digital channels only Filter the channel list to access analogue or digital channels only. In the channel list, press Select [Select list] >...
  • Page 16: Use More Of Your Product

    5 Use more of your product Use teletext Select a page Press Select [Text], then press OK. Select a page by: • Entering the page number with the Numeric buttons. Pressing ▲ or ▼ to view the next or • previous page.
  • Page 17: Favourite Channels

    Select subpages A teletext page number can hold several subpages. These subpages are shown on a bar next to the main page number. When available on a teletext page, press ◄ or ► to select subpages. Search teletext When in teletext, press OK to highlight the first word or number.
  • Page 18: Use Epg

    Use EPG Overview The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) is an on-screen guide available for digital channels. EPG allows you to: • View the information of current programme being broadcast • View the information of the next upcoming programme Note • EPG is not available in some countries and also dependent on the broadcast channel.
  • Page 19: Use Subtitles (channel Content Dependent)

    TV from a USB storage device. Caution • Philips is not responsible if the USB storage device is not supported nor is it responsible for damage or loss of data from the device. You can access the USB content browser using...
  • Page 20: Use Scenea

    Watch video Press the Navigation buttons to select a video file, then press OK. Press ◄ or ► to rewind or fast forward • a file. • Press to exit the content browser. During video playback, press the following settings: •...
  • Page 21: Universal Access

    Universal access Enable universal access Where supported by your digital TV broadcaster, this TV allows special audio and subtitles for the hearing impaired, as well as special audio for the visually impaired. To enable these features, you must turn on universal access in the [Preferences] menu.
  • Page 22: Set Up The Tv

    6 Set up the TV Change picture and sound settings Settings assistant Use the settings assistant to guide you through the best picture and sound settings. Press . Press ▲ ▼◄► to select [Setup] > [Quick picture and sound settings], then press Select [Start], then press OK.
  • Page 23 [PC mode]: Enables picture settings • adjustment when a PC is connected to the TV via HDMI. If enabled, you can select [Picture format] > [Unscaled] which provides maximum detail for display of PC content. • [Picture format]: Changes the picture format.
  • Page 24 Smart sound settings Use the [Smart sound] experience bar to access frequently-used sound settings. Press Select [Setup] > [TV settings] > [Sound] > [Smart sound], then press OK. Select one of the following settings: [Personal]: Sets the TV to your •...
  • Page 25: Change Channel Settings

    Change channel settings Reorder channels After installation, you may want to reorder the channel list to suit your preference. While watching TV, press Select [Channel list], then press OK. In the channel list, press Select [Reorder], then press OK. Select the channel to reorder, move it to the desired location, then press OK.
  • Page 26: Install Channels

    Automatic update To set the TV to update digital TV channels automatically, leave the TV in standby mode. Once a day, the TV updates earlier found channels and stores new channels. Empty channels are removed from the channel list. If a channel update is performed, a message appears at startup.
  • Page 27 Install analogue channels This section describes how to search and store analogue TV channels manually. Step 1: Select your system Note • Skip this step if your system settings are correct. While watching TV, press . Select [Setup] > [Channel settings] > [Channel installation] >...
  • Page 28: Change Language Settings

    Change language settings Audio, subtitle, teletext languages Digital TV channels may stream several audio, subtitle and teletext languages with a broadcast. Set preferred languages when multiple languages are available. Press . Select [Setup] > [Channel settings] or [Satellite settings] > [Language]. Select one of the following settings, then press OK: •...
  • Page 29 Display the TV clock When watching TV, press » The TV clock is displayed at the bottom right corner of the TV screen. Change the clock mode By default, the clock mode is set to [Automatic], syncing the TV clock to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • Page 30: Update Software

    Update software TV: Check version Press . Select [Setup] > [Software settings] > [Current software info], then press OK. The version of the current software is displayed. TV: USB update Before performing this procedure be sure to: • Set aside some time to complete the entire update.
  • Page 31: Professional Mode Instruction

    7a Professional mode instruction Introduction Included in this TV is a special functional mode that allows the TV to be configured for commerical application. This feature is called Professional mode. This section has been designed to help install and operate this TV in Professional mode. Before reading this section, please read section 3 to 6 to set the basic functionality of this TV.
  • Page 32: Professional Mode Options

    Professional mode options This paragraph describes the functionality of each item in the Professional mode setup menu. Enter the next layer by pressing OK, or ►. Return to a previous level by pressing ◄. Navigate in the current layer by pressing ▲, or ▼. Layer 1 Layer 2 PBS Setup menu language...
  • Page 33 Layer 1 Layer 2 Feature settings PBS Setup Speaker settings Factory default TV setup Channel setup Enter TV Channel Setup Store Settings USB to TV Smart Clone TV to USB SW types RF Download Program Info Start Download Layer 3 Layer 4 Vsecure self test <Action>...
  • Page 34: Setup Settings

    Setup settings PBS Setup [PBS Setup menu language] Select menu language to be English, French, German or Italian. [PBS mode] Enables / disables the Professional mode. • [On]: All settings in the Professional mode Setup menu are in effect. • [Off]: The TV operates as a normal (consumer) TV.
  • Page 35 • [OSD display]: Set this function to show or hide screen information. [Off]: Screen information is suppressed. [On]: Normal screen information is displayed. • [High security mode]: [Off]: Professional mode setup menu can be accessed by both Guest remote control (Press [3, 1, 9, 7, 5, 3, (MUTE)] and the Professional setup remote control)
  • Page 36 • [Enable Subtitles]: Enables or disables the use of subtitles in a DVB broadcast channel: [Off]: No subtitles services available (Prison Mode) [On]: Subtitles services available [Power settings] • [Power on]: The power on function allows the TV to enter a specific mode ([On] or [Standby]) of operation when the mains power is activated (cold start): [On]: The TV will always turn on (show...
  • Page 37 Theme TV button on the RC. • [VSecure]: VSecure is the hospitality content scrambling method used by the Philips Hospitality TVs. With its internal VSecure Authorization key a VSecure Unprotect key can be generated. If this VSecure Unprotect key is stored in the TV, the TV is able to descramble protected content.
  • Page 38 • [Program Info]: [Action]: This function is to set the necessary DVB parameters to locate the proper VSecure RF channel to load the VSecure RF Static or RF Dynamic key(s): [Frequency] Frequency of MUX (0362) [Medium] Cable or Antenna (DVB T/C) [Service ID] # # # # # [ONID]...
  • Page 39 TV Setup The TV Setup enables a mode to make changes to the TV settings (i.e. channel installations, brightnes, and others). Before activate this action, store changed settings. Channel Setup The Channel Setup function depends on the state of the PBS Mode: Channel Configuration [Channel setup] Layer 1...
  • Page 40 Instead of using USB memory device to do cloning (tbd) and firmware update, this upgrading is also possible using the RF infrastructure. This is covered by Philips Hospitality RF Download and allows a simultaneous upgrade of all installed televisions. [SW Types] Defining the software parts to be upgraded: •...
  • Page 41: Guest Mode Instruction

    7b Guest mode instruction Introduction When this television is configured as a professional television, the guest is having no access to TV functionality that can influence TVs expected behavior. The guest will not have access to menus that can change the channel configuration, nor can he, as example, put the TV on a louder audio level then is permitted in the BDS Mode setting.
  • Page 42: Activate The Television

    Activate the television (Standby) • Switches the TV to standby if it is on. • Switches on the TV if it is in standby. (Home) Accesses the home menu. The home menu gives easy access to watch TV, select connected devices and to make TV settings (picture, sound), set the sleep timer and alarm clock.
  • Page 43: Connect Devices

    8 Connect devices This section describes how to connect various devices with different connectors and supplements examples provided in the Quick Start. Note • Different types of connectors may be used to connect a device to your TV, depending on availability and your needs.
  • Page 44: Side Connector

    c HDMI 1 Digital audio and video input from high- definition digital devices such as Blu-ray players. Connections via DVI or VGA require an additional audio cable. d AUDIO IN (DVI and VGA) Audio input from a computer. e TV ANTENNA Signal input from an antenna, cable or satellite.
  • Page 45: Connect A Computer

    c HDMI Digital audio and video input from high- definition digital devices such as Blu-ray players. Connect a computer Before you connect a computer to the TV • Set the screen refresh rate on your computer to 60Hz. • Select a supported screen resolution on your computer.
  • Page 46: Use A Conditional Access Module

    Compliant devices must be connected to your TV via HDMI. Enable or disable EasyLink Note • Do not enable Philips EasyLink if you do not intend to use it. Press . Press ▲ ▼◄► to select [Setup] > [TV settings] > [EasyLink].
  • Page 47: Use A Kensington Lock

    Use one-touch play After enabling EasyLink, press play on your device. The TV automatically switches to the » correct source. Use one-touch standby Press and hold (Standby) on the TV’s or device’s remote control for at least three seconds. » The TV and all connected HDMI devices switch to standby.
  • Page 48: Product Information

    Ambient temperature: 5 to 40 degrees Celsius Supported TV mounts To mount the TV, purchase a Philips TV mount. To prevent damage to cables and connectors, be sure to leave a clearance of at least 2.2 inches or 5.5cm from the back of the TV.
  • Page 49: Troubleshooting

    Disconnect the power cable from the power outlet. Wait until the TV cools down before reconnecting the power cable. If the blinking reoccurs, contact Philips Consumer Care. You forgot the code to unlock the TV lock feature • Enter ‘8888’.
  • Page 50: Sound Issues

    Set the TV picture format to unscaled. Contact us If you cannot resolve your problem, refer to the FAQs for this product at If the problem remains unresolved, contact Philips Consumer Care in your country as listed in the warranty leaflet. Warning •...
  • Page 51: Attachment A

    11 Attachment A This section describes commonly encountered issues when installing DVB-T channels. DVB-T installation issues...
  • Page 52: Index

    12 Index Analogue Fine tune ANTENNA Batteries Blue mute Channel list Channel decoder favourite Grid Install Automatic Manual MyChoice channel Rearrange Rename Test digital reception Troubleshooting Update Clock Computer Connect Display resolutions Connector HDMI Overview Consumer setup Country Decoder Demo Digital channels Test digital reception EasyLink...
  • Page 53 MENU Main menu Professional mode setup menu Teletext Multimedia Product information Multi remote control Music Mute MyChoice One-touch play One-touch standby On timer Photo Slide show Picture format Picture settings PIN code Professional mode Activate Options PBS mode Store settings Radio Remote control Guest Remote control...

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