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Dry Cycles - GE GFD14 Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions

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Getting started
Press to "wake up" the display. If the display is active, press to turn the dryer off.
NOTE: Pressing Power does not disconnect the appliance from the power supply.

Dry Cycles

The dry cycle controls the cycle time for the drying process. The chart below will help you match
the dry setting with the loads.
Mixed Loads
For loads consisting of cottons and poly blends.
or Normal
Depending on
For cottons and most linens. NOTE: Energy Star
default settings.
Heavy Duty
For large coats, bed spreads, mattress covers, sleeping bags, blankets, comforters, jackets,
small rugs, and similar large and bulky items.
Use for towels OR sheets. It is not recommended to mix towels and sheets in the same load.
For wrinkle-free, permanent press and delicate items, and knits.
Active Wear
Clothing worn for active sports exercise and some casual wear. Fabrics include new technology
finishes and stretch fibers such as Spandex. Also for clothing labeled Easy Care or Perma Press:
For wrinkle-free and permanent press items.
Reduces certain types of bacteria by 96.7%, including: Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas
aeruginosa. The antibacterial process occurs when high heat is used during a portion of this
drying cycle.
Quick Dry
For small loads that are needed in a hurry, such as sports or school uniforms. Can also be
used if the previous cycle left some items damp, such as collars or waistbands.
For lingerie and special-care fabrics.
For removing wrinkles from items that are dry or slightly damp. This cycle is not recommended
for delicate fabrics.
Warm Up
Provides 25 minutes of warming time to warm up clothes.
Air Fluff
Provides 30 minutes of tumbling time without heat.
Rack Dry
For drying delicate items without tumbling, use drying rack accessory. Place items flat on the
drying rack such as wool sweaters and delicate fabrics. Dry with low heat.
Temp (Temperature)
You can change the temperature of your dry cycle.
No Heat
49-3000087 Rev 1
For regular to heavy cottons.
For synthetics, blends and items labeled Permanent Press.
For delicates, synthetics and items labeled Tumble Dry Low.
This option may only be used with Air Fluff and Timed Dry, in which items are
tumbled without heat.
models are tested on Cottons with


Table of Contents

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