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Installation Instructions - GE GFD14 Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions

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If you have any questions, call GE Appliances at 800.GE.CARES
In Canada, call 800.561.3344
Read these instructions completely and carefully.
local electrical inspector's use.
codes and ordinances.
• Install the clothes dryer according to the
manufacturer's instructions and local codes.
Note to Installer
instructions with the Consumer.
Note to Consumer
future reference.
• Clothes dryer installation must be performed by a
qualified installer.
• This dryer must be exhausted to the outdoors.
• Before the old dryer is removed from service or
discarded, remove the dryer door.
• Service information and the wiring diagram are
located in the control console.
• Do not allow children on or in the appliance. Close
supervision of children is necessary when the
appliance is used near children.
• Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer.
• Product failure due to improper installation is not
covered under the Warranty.
• Install the dryer where the temperature is above
50°F for satisfactory operation of the dryer control
• Remove and discard existing plastic or metal foil
duct and replace with UL-listed duct.
49-3000087 Rev 1
or visit our Website at:
or visit
– Save these instructions for
– Observe all governing
– Be sure to leave these
– Keep these instructions for
- Risk of Fire
• Clothes dryer installation must be performed by a
qualified installer.
• Install the clothes dryer according to these
instructions and local codes.
• DO NOT install a clothes dryer with flexible plastic
venting materials. If flexible metal (semi-rigid or
foil-type) duct is installed, it must be UL-listed and
installed in accordance with the instructions found
in "Connecting the Dryer to House Vent" later in
this manual. Flexible venting materials are known
to collapse, be easily crushed and trap lint. These
conditions will obstruct dryer airflow and increase
the risk of fire.
• DO NOT install or store this appliance in any
location where it could be exposed to water or
• To reduce the risk of severe injury or death, follow
all installation instructions.
• Save these instructions. (Installers: Be sure to
leave these instructions with the customer.)
If you are planning to stack the washer and dryer, order
Stacking Kit number GFA24KITL to be used for this
dryer. Kit sold separately.


Table of Contents

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