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Timed Dry - GE GFD14 Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions

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Table of Contents
Getting started
My Cycle
Hold to Set
The sensor continuously monitors the amount of moisture in the load. When the moisture in
your clothes reaches your selected dry level, the dryer will stop.
NOTE: Sensor dry Level can be used with all cycles except Timed Dry, Air Fluff, Rack
Dry, Warm Up and Dewrinkle.
Ex Dry Use for heavy-duty fabrics or items that should be very dry, such as towels.
Use for normal dryness level suitable for most loads. This is the preferred cycle for energy saving.
Damp For leaving items partially damp.
Damp Alert
This option causes the dryer to beep when clothes have dried to a damp level. Remove
items that you wish to hang dry. The Damp Alert will only beep when this option is selected,
and the dryer will continue to dry.
Removing clothes and hanging them when they are damp can reduce the need to iron some items.

Timed Dry

1. Press Timed Dry button. Lights around the knob will flash. Select the drying time by
rotating the knob to increase or decrease the time in 10-minute increments up to 2 hours
and 30 minutes.
2. Select the dry Temp.
3. Close the door.
4. Press Start/Pause.
eDry (on some models)
Reduces total energy consumption of specific dryer cycles by adjusting certain heat settings.
NOTE: Cycle times will change when eDry is selected.
Energy Star
models are tested on Cottons cycle with default settings to determine energy
use rating of this dryer. The eDry option will default to on for Cottons. Temperature settings
on High and dryness level setting on Dry are specifically designed for this cycle to reduce
energy consumption. For optimal energy savings, turn eDry on. For optimal drying times,
turn eDry off. Energy savings will vary across loads and cycles.
The eDry selection can be used with Mixed Loads, Cottons, Heavy Duty, Towels,
Casuals, Active Wear and Delicates.
My Cycle
Set up your favorite combination of settings and save them here for one touch recall. These
custom settings can be set while a cycle is in progress.
To store a My Cycle combination of settings:
1. Select your drying cycle.
2. Change Temp and Level settings to fit your needs.
3. Select any drying options you want.
4. Press and hold the My Cycle button for 3 seconds to store your selection. A beep will
sound and the button will light up.
To recall your stored My Cycle combination:
Press the MY CYCLE button before drying a load.
To change your stored My Cycle combination:
Repeat steps 1–4.
Extended Tumble
Minimizes wrinkles by adding approximately 2 hours of no-heat tumbling after clothes are
The estimated time remaining display will show "END".
The extended tumble time does not get added to the cycle time on the display.
49-3000087 Rev 1


Table of Contents

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