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Connecting To The Camera; (Optional) Using The Usb Wi-Fi Adapter; Assigning An Ip Address - Motorola Avigilon H5SL Series Installation Manual

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Connecting to the Camera

(Optional) Using the USB Wi-Fi Adapter

If you have a USB Wi-Fi Adapter (H4-AC-WIFI), attach it to the camera's micro USB port to access the
camera's mobile web interface.
After you connect to the Wi-Fi signal broadcast by the adapter, you can access the mobile web interface
from any mobile device using the following address:
For more information about configuring the camera from the mobile web interface see Avigilon USB Wi-Fi
Adapter System User Guide.
Note: The camera will reserve the subnet for internal use while the USB Wi-Fi
Adapter is plugged in.

Assigning an IP Address

The device automatically obtains an IP address when it is connected to a network.
Note: If the device cannot obtain an IP address from a DHCP server, it will use Zero Configuration
Networking (Zeroconf) to choose an IP address. When set using Zeroconf, the IP address is in the subnet.
The IP address settings can be changed using one of the following methods:
The mobile web interface using the USB Wifi Adapter. For more information, see
USB Wi-Fi Adapter
Device's web browser interface: http://<camera IP address>/.
Network Video Management software application (for example, the Avigilon Control Center™
ARP/Ping method. For more information, see
page 42.
Note: The default device username is administrator with no password.
Connecting to the Camera
Setting the IP Address Using the ARP/Ping Method on
(Optional) Using the



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