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Maintenance - Bosch PL1632 Operating/Safety Instructions Manual

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2610052959.qxp_PL1632 7/17/19 9:17 AM Page 13
The PL1632 can create rabbets up to
82 mm / 3-1/2" wide. (Fig. 10). Keep in
mind that it takes steady sideways
pressure and many passes to create
rabbets using a planer.
▶ Unclogging the Shavings
Exhaust System
becomes necessary to manually
remove shavings. The blades are hidden
▶ Service
performed by unauthorized per so n nel
may result in misplacing of internal
wires and components which could
cause serious hazard. We recommend
that all tool service be performed by a
Bosch Factory Service Center or Autho -
rized Bosch Service Station.
▶ Tool Lubrication
Your Bosch tool has been properly
lubricated and is ready to use. It is
recommended that tools with gears be
regreased with a special gear lubricant
at every brush change.
▶ Carbon Brushes
The brushes and commutator in your
tool have been engineered for many
hours of dependable service. To
maintain peak efficiency of the motor,
we recommend every two to six months
the brush es be examined. Only genuine
Bosch replace ment brushes specially
designed for your tool should be used.
▶ Bearings
Bearings which become noisy (due to
heavy load or very abrasive material cut -
ting) should be replaced at once to
avoid overheating or motor failure.
Operating Instructions
Remove plug from
power source if it


To avoid accidents, always disconnect the tool and/or charger from the
power supply before servicing or cleaning.
P r e v e n t i v e
m a i n t e n a n c e
from view and you may be cut if
To minimize the possibility of clogging,
make sure:
The depth of cut is reasonable for the
The feed rate is reasonable for the
material. (See DEPTH OF CUT AND
Unplug the planer and carefully insert
a screwdriver or similar object into
the exhaust port to break up the clog.
▶ Cleaning
damage plastic parts. Some of these
are: gasoline, carbon tetrachlo ride, chlo -
rinated cleaning solvents, ammonia and
house hold detergents that contain
Clean the planer stand regularly and
ensure that it springs back freely.
Ventilation openings and switch levers
must be kept clean and free of foreign
matter. Do not at tempt to clean by
inserting pointed objects through
▶ Drive Belt
The drive belt is a normal maintenance
Fig. 11
agents and sol vents



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