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Black & Decker 598111-01 Instruction Manual page 2

Black & decker compact electric power washer instruction manual
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Table of Contents
598111-01,PW1300 manual
WARNING: When using this product,
basic precautions should always be
followed, including the following:
1. Read and understand all instructions
before using the product.
2. To reduce the risk of injury, close
supervision is necessary when a product
is used near children.
3. Know how to stop this product and
bleed pressure quickly. Be thoroughly
familiar with the controls.
4. Stay alert - watch what you are doing.
5. Do not operate this product when
fatigued or under the influence of alcohol
or drugs.
6. Keep operating area clear of all
7. Do not use on ladder. Loss of balance
and serious injury could result. Do not
overreach or stand on unstable support.
Keep good footing and balance at all
8. Follow the maintenance instructions
specified in the manual.
9. This product is provided with a Ground
Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) built into
the power cord plug. If replacement of the
plug or cord is needed, use only identical
replacement parts.
10. WARNING: Risk of Injection or
Injury. Do Not Direct Discharge Stream at
WARNING: When using this product,
basic precautions should always be
followed, including the following:
1. Always follow detergent manufacturer's
label recommendations for proper use of
detergents. Always protect eyes, skin and
respiratory system from detergent if used.
2. Never try to stop or deflect leaks with
any body part.
3. Never put hand or fingers over the
spray tip while operating the unit.
4. Always wear safety glasses or goggles,
hearing and respiratory protection and
protective clothing when operating or
performing maintenance.
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5. Always engage the trigger safety latch
in the safe position when spraying is
stopped even if only for a few moments.
6. Keep clear of nozzle. Never direct high
pressure spray at any person, animal or
7. Use only with accessories rated at a
minimum of 140 Bar. Do not use pressure
that exceeds the operating pressure of
any of the parts (hoses, fittings, etc.) in
the pressurized system. Never use with
any other manufacturers accessories or
8. Never spray flammable liquids or use
pressure washer in areas containing
combustible dust, liquids or vapors.
9. Never operate this machine in or near
an explosive environment.
10. Do not spray electrical apparatus and
11. Never disconnect the high pressure
discharge hose from the machine while
the system is pressurized. To
depressurize machine, turn power and
water supply off, then press gun trigger
2-3 times.
12. Never permanently engage the trigger
mechanism on the gun.
13. Never operate the machine without all
components properly connected to the
machine (handle, gun/wand assembly,
nozzle, etc.).
14. Always turn water supply "on" before
turning pressure washer "on" unless
draining for storage. Running pump dry
causes serious damage.
15. Do not operate the pressure washer
with the inlet water filter removed. Keep
filter clear of debris and sediment.
16. Never operate pressure washer with
broken or missing parts. Check
equipment regularly and repair or replace
worn or damaged parts immediately.
17. Use only the nozzles, parts and
accessories supplied with this machine.
18. Never leave the wand unattended
while the machine is running or switched
19. Always hold gun and wand firmly
when starting and operating the machine.

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Table of Contents

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