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Grounding Instructions; Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Protection - Black & Decker 598111-01 Instruction Manual

Black & decker compact electric power washer instruction manual
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598111-01,PW1300 manual
20. Pressure washer is not meant to
pump hot water. Never connect it to a hot
water supply as it will significantly reduce
the life of the pump.
21. Never store the pressure washer
outdoors or where it could freeze. The
pump will be seriously damaged.
22. Discharge residual pressure by
pressing the trigger until no more water
comes out of the nozzle.
CAUTION: Wear appropriate hearing
and respiratory protection during use.
Under some conditions and duration of
use, noise from this product may
contribute to hearing loss.
WARNING: This product contains
chemicals, including lead, known to the
state of California to cause cancer, and
birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Wash hands after handling. ash hands


This product must be grounded. If it
should malfunction or break down,
grounding provides a path of least
resistance for electric current to reduce
the risk of electric shock. This product is
equipped with a cord having an
equipment-grounding conductor and a
grounding plug. The plug must be
plugged into an appropriate outlet that is
properly installed and grounded in
accordance with all local codes and
DANGER: Improper connection of the
equipment-grounding conductor can result
in a risk of electrocution. Check with a
qualified electrician or service personnel if
you are in doubt as to whether the outlet
is properly grounded. Do not modify the
plug provided with the product - if it will
not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet
installed by a qualified electrician. Do not
use any type of adapter with this product.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
electrocution, keep all connections dry
and off the ground. Do not touch plug with
wet hands.
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This pressure washer is provided with a
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
built into the plug of the power supply
cord. This device provides additional
protection from the risk of electrical shock.
Should replacement of the plug or cord
become necessary, use only identical
replacement parts that include GFCI
protection. See Figure 7 for testing
WARNING: Connect directly to
outlet. Do not use with extension cord.
The use of an extension cord will
override the GFCI built into the plug of
the power supply cord resulting in the
risk of electrical shock.
• The label on your tool may include the
following symbols.
W ............watts
min ..........minutes
............alternating current
no load speed
............Class II Construction
.../min......revolutions or reciprocation
................per minute
............earthing terminal alert symbol
3 current

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Table of Contents

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