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Operation - Black & Decker 598111-01 Instruction Manual

Black & decker compact electric power washer instruction manual
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598111-01,PW1300 manual
CAUTION: The pressure washer must
only be used with clean water; use of
unfiltered water or corrosive chemicals
will damage the pressure washer.


NOTE: Before cleaning any surface, an
inconspicuous area should be cleaned to
test spray pattern and distance for
maximum cleaning results. If painted
surfaces are peeling or chipping, use
extreme caution as pressure washer may
remove the loose paint from the surface.
The PW1300 Pressure Washer is
equipped with automatic delivery flow
When the trigger is released, the
dynamic pressure automatically cuts out
the motor.
When the trigger is pressed the pressure
drop automatically starts the motor and
the pressure is restored with a very slight
Figure 6 - Plug the Ground Fault
Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) (F) into a
working grounded outlet. TEST
BEFORE EACH USE. The indicator at
the top of the GFCI should turn red
when product is ready to use. Press
the "TEST" button (bottom). The red
indicator should disappear. Press
"RESET" button for use. Do not use if
the above test fails.
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Figure 7 - Release the safety catch
shown in Figure 7, by pressing down on
the latch behind the trigger, or by
pushing the trigger forward, then press
the trigger for a few seconds to allow air
to escape and to discharge residual
pressure in the hoses.
Figure 8 - Turn on the pressure washer
by depressing the bottom half of the
switch (H) marked "I". The unit will run
for a few seconds as it builds up
pressure, then will shut off. It will run on
demand as the gun trigger is depressed.
Turn off the pressure washer by
depressing the top half of the switch
marked "0".

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Table of Contents

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