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Wall Mounting; Switching On And Off; Charging The Battery - Black & Decker CHV9610 Instruction Manual

Black & decker mixer user manual
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Wall Mounting

The product can be wall mounted, if desired,
using the wall mount bracket, screws and
anchors supplied. To wall mount the vac, refer
to figures B, C, D and E.
• Figure B - Mark the location of the screw
holes (within reach of an electrical outlet for
chargeing the vac while it is on the wall
• Figure C - Insert the charger cord into the
curved slot in the wall mount bracket leaving
approximately 8-9 inches (203mm - 227mm)
excess as shown.
• Figure D - Hang the vac on the wall by placing the opening on the
base of the vac over the hooks in the wall mount bracket as shown in
figure D.
• Figure E - Insert the jack plug into the
charging socket.

Charging the battery

From new, the rechargeable cells of the product need a minimum charge time of 24
hours to ensure full power.
We suggest you fully discharge the product when it is used for the first time as this will
help the cells recharge faster.
• The switch must be in the off ("O") position, the
product will not charge if it is in any other position.
• Figure F - Plug the jack plug of the charger into
the charging socket of the tool. Plug the charger
into any standard 120 Volt 60 Hz electrical outlet.
The charging indicator will be lit.
While charging, the charger may get warm, this is
perfectly normal and safe. It can remain on charge
indefinitely without damage or danger. It is not
possible to "overcharge" the battery cells with the
charger provided.
• The charging indicator will be lit as long as the
appliance is connected to the plugged-in charger.
Do not charge the
battery at ambient temperatures below 39°F (4°C)
or above 104°F (40°C).
11:30 AM
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Switching on and off

• Figure G - To start, slide the On/Off switch
forward (i.e. "O"= Off, "I" = On).
• To stop, slide the switch back.
• Return the product to the charger immediately
after use so that it will be ready and fully charged
for the next use. Ensure that the product is fully
engaged with the power supply plug.
DRY PICK-UP (Catalog Number CHV9610)
• For everyday spills of dry material.
WET AND DRY PICK-UP (Catalog Number CWV9610)
• For everyday spills of dry material, use your appliance without the squeegee accessory.
CAUTION: Your product is designed for light spills only.
• This vacuum can also be used to pick up everyday liquid spills. Use the squeegee
accessory on non-absorbent, hard surfaces. On absorbent surfaces, such as carpet,
your appliance will pick up wet spills better without the accessory.
• For best performance on hard surface wet pickups, insert squeegee into the bowl
nozzle opening.
• For best results when using this accessory, hold the appliance at an angle of 45° and
pull it slowly towards you.
• Do not fill the bowl beyond the end of the intake chute. If there is any liquid in the bowl,
do not turn the unit upside down, sideways, point the nozzle upward, or shake the vac
• After picking up liquid substances clean the vac and filter immediately. Mold and
mildew may form if the unit is not properly cleaned after wet pickups.
• If charging in a vertical position, be sure to empty all liquid contents to avoid damage
to your appliance.
Cleaning the product (figures H, I, J and K)
without its filter.
NOTE: The filter is re-usable, do not confuse it
with a disposable dust bag, and do not throw it
away when the product is emptied. We
recommend that you replace the filter every 6-9
months depending on frequency of use.
• Figure H - Remove the dust bowl by pressing
the bowl release button and pulling the bowl
straight off.
• To replace the dust bowl, place it back onto the
handle until it "clicks" firmly into position.
Never use the vac


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