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Handling; Mounting And Installation - Siemens RDU340 Basic Documentation

Flush-mounted room temperature controllers for vav / cav applications, with lcd
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Control sequence
Calibrate sensor
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Mounting and installation

Mount the room controller on a recessed rectangular conduit box with 60.3mm
fixing centers. Do not mount on a wall in niches or bookshelves, behind curtains,
above or near heat sources, or exposed to direct solar radiation. Mount about
1.5 m above the floor.
· Devices must be mounted on clean, dry indoor place and not be exposed to
dripping or splashing
See the mounting instructions M3078 enclosed with the controller.
· Comply with local regulations to wire, protection and earth the thermostat.
· The power supply line must have a circuit breaker with a rated current of no
more than 10 A. For US installations use Class 2 rated power supplies.
No internal line protection for supply lines to external consumers (Y10, Y21)
Risk of fire and injury due to short-circuits!
· Adapt the line diameters as per local regulations to the rated value of the
installed overcurrent protection device.
· Isolate the cables of SELV inputs X1-M/X2-M if the conduit box carries AC 230 V
mains voltage.
· Inputs X1-M or X2-M of different units (e.g. summer/winter switch) may be
connected in parallel with an external switch. Consider overall maximum contact
sensing current for switch rating.
· No metal conduits
· No cables provided with a metal shield
· Disconnect from supply before opening the cover.
Set the controller application via the DIP switches before snapping the front panel
on the mounting base.
After power is applied, the controller carries out a reset during which all LCD
segments flash indicating that the reset was correct. After the reset, which takes
about 3 seconds, the controller is ready for commissioning by qualified HVAC staff.
The control parameters of the controller can be set to ensure optimum performance
of the entire system (see "Set control parameters").
· The control sequence may need to be set via parameter P01 depending on the
application. The factory setting for the single duct application is "Cooling only".
· Recalibrate the temperature sensor if the room temperature displayed on the
controller does not match the room temperature measured. To do this, change
parameter P05.
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