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How To Use; Getting Started; Control Panel - Black & Decker TCM450B Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker use and care manual 8-cup thermal coffeemaker tcm450b
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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
1. Brew basket holder
† 2. Brew basket with handle (Part# TCM450B-01)
† 3. Water reservoir lid (Part# TCM450B-02)
4. Brew basket quick-release button
5. Water reservoir with cup level markings
† 6. Carafe lid with brew-thru (Part# TCM450B-03)
† 7. Thermal carafe (Part# TCM450B-04)

8. Control panel

9. Cord storage (back of unit)
†Consumer replaceable/removable parts
1. On indicator light
2. Digital display
3. Auto brew indicator light
4. AUTO button
5. PROG button
6. ON/OFF button
7. MIN button
8. HOUR button

How to Use

This product is for household use only.


1. Unpack the box and remove all packing materials and literature.
2. Hand-wash thermal carafe, carafe lid and brew basket in warm sudsy water; rinse and
dry thoroughly. Carafe lid and brew basket can also be washed in the dishwater, top
rack only. Do not wash thermal carafe in the dishwasher.
Setting the Clock (A)
1. If unit is unplugged, plug into a standard electrical outlet.
12:00 flashes on the digital display.
2. Press the HOUR button until you see the correct a.m or p.m.
hour. A small light displays on the upper left corner of the
display to indicate p.m.
3. Press the MIN button until you see the correct minutes. The clock is set and will
continue to keep the correct time unless you unplug the unit or a power failure occurs.
4. To reset the time, follow steps 1-3.
Brewing Water Only
Before first use, cycle the unit once with water to help remove any sediment.
1. Open water reservoir lid (B).
2. Pour tap water into water reservoir up to the 8-cup level mark
on the water window. Do not fill past the MAX line (C).
3. Close the water reservoir lid.
4. To open brew basket holder, press brew basket quick-release
button and swing out brew basket to open (D).
5. Insert brew basket into brew basket holder (E). Be sure brew
basket is in position inside the brew basket holder.
6. Insert a No. 4 cone-shaped paper filter into brew basket.
7. Swing brew basket toward unit to close (F).
Tip: You might have to push in the brew basket holder to secure
in place.
8. Plug the unit into a standard electrical outlet. 12:00 flashes on
the digital display. If you want to set the time now, follow
instructions under "Setting the Clock".
Note: You do not have to set the clock or program the coffeemaker to brew water.



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