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Care And Cleaning; Maintaining Your Coffeemaker - Black & Decker TCM450B Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker use and care manual 8-cup thermal coffeemaker tcm450b


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9. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the unit (G), the On
indicator light illuminates and brewing begins.
10. When cycle is finished, the unit and the brewing indicator
light automatically shuts off.
11. Discard the water from the carafe and rinse.
Programming for Automatic Brewing
If clock is not set for current time of day, refer to "Setting the Clock" section.
To preset coffeemaker to begin brewing at a certain time, first follow steps 1-6 in "Ready
to Brew Coffee" section.
1. Press PROG button, the auto brew indicator light starts
flashing (H).
2. Press the HOUR and MIN buttons until you reach desired
preset time.
Important: Once you press the PROG button, you have a few
seconds to select the hours and minutes. If you take too long,
the display returns to the current time of day. Repeat steps 1 and 2 again to set the time.
3. Press the AUTO button. The auto brew light becomes steady.
Tip: You can check the preset time by pressing the PROG button. The programmed time
will display for a few seconds and then it goes back to the current time of day.
4. When it reaches the preset time, the AUTO light goes out and the On light comes on.
Brewing begins.
Note: The Auto-Brew function can be canceled at any time by pressing the AUTO button
a second time. The AUTO light goes off.
Important: Be sure the unit is cool before lifting the water reservoir lid.
1. Open the water reservoir lid.
2. Pour tap water into water reservoir up to the 8-cup level mark on the water window.
Do not fill past the MAX line.
3. Close water reservoir lid.
4. Press brew basket quick-release button and swing out brew basket holder to open.
5. Be sure brew basket is in position inside the brew basket holder.
6. Insert a No. 4 cone-shaped paper filter into brew basket.
7. Add ground coffee into filter.
Note: We recommend 1-2 tablespoons (5-10 grams) of grounded coffee for every 6-oz. cup
(180ml.) of water.
Tip: If brewed coffee is too strong for your taste just add a little bit of hot water to your cup
of brewed coffee.
8. Swing brew basket toward unit to close.
Tip: You might have to push in the brew basket holder to secure in place.
Important: Check that carafe lid is properly in place. Coffee may overflow if lid is not
properly in place.
9. Insert lid into the thermal carafe with arrow on the lid aligned with the "ALIGN"
marking on the collar of the carafe, twist clockwise until it is in place. After tightening
the lid, the arrow on the lid aligns with the "ALIGN" marking on the collar of the
carafe again.
10. Place carafe all the way into the coffeemaker under the brew basket holder. Coffee
may overflow if carafe is not correctly positioned correctly.
11. Press the ON/OFF button. The on light illuminates and brewing begins.
12. When brewing is complete, coffeemaker automatically shuts off and on indicator light
goes out.
13. Once the coffee has finished brewing:
a. Stir it before serving to blend the flavors.
b. Discard the coffee grounds left in the filter.
You can pour a cup of coffee while coffee is brewing.
1. Remove carafe from coffeemaker.
Important: To avoid a possible overflow after removing carafe, be sure to place it back
under brew basket in 30 seconds or less.
2. To pour coffee, twist carafe lid counterclockwise until arrow on the lid aligns with the
arrow on the carafe handle.
Important: To prevent the lid from falling off, do not turn the arrow on the lid beyond the
carafe handle.
3. When finished pouring coffee, twist carafe lid clockwise until arrow on the lid aligns
with the "ALIGN" marking on the collar of the carafe.
4. Place carafe under brew basket. The brewing process continues.
• For best performance, rinse the carafe with warm water before brewing. This brings up
the temperature and improves the carafe's thermal properties.
• The carafe spout is specially designed to deliver a dripless pour so you can serve coffee
without any messy drips.
• Coffee is brewed directly through the carafe brew-thru lid. Always check that lid is
properly in place when brewing. Coffee may overflow if lid is not properly in place. See
instructions in "Ready to Brew Coffee" section.

Care and Cleaning

This appliance contains no user-serviceable parts. Refer service to qualified service
IMPORTANT: Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. Never immerse coffeemaker
in water. Do not wash the thermal carafe in the dishwasher.
1. Unplug unit and let it cool completely.
2. Press quick-release button to open brew basket holder, swing open and discard paper
filter with grounds. Brew basket holder can be wiped with a damp sponge.
3. Hand-wash carafe lid and brew basket in warm sudsy water; rinse and dry thoroughly.
Carafe lid and brew basket can also be washed in the dishwater, top rack only.
4. Wipe exterior of carafe and coffeemaker with a soft damp cloth.
5. To clean inside of thermal carafe, wash in warm sudsy water, rinse well and allow to air
dry. If coffee stains appear on the glass carafe liner, fill 3/4 of the way with hot water,
add a denture tablet, let stand for 10-15 minutes and rinse.


Mineral deposits left by hard water can clog your coffeemaker. Cleaning is recommended
every 3 months.
1. Open water reservoir lid and pour white vinegar into the water reservoir up to the 4-cup
level mark on the water window. Add cold water up to the 6-cup line.
2. Press quick-release button to open brew basket holder.
3. Insert paper filter into brew basket. Swing brew basket closed.
4. Place the carafe with lid secured, all the way into the coffeemaker. Plug in the unit


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