Control Panel; Getting St Rted; Setting The Clock; Cleaning Coffeemaker Before First Use - Black & Decker TCM1000KT Use And Care Book Manual

8-cup programmable thermal coffeemaker
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Available languages

Available languages

Control Panel

1. Digital Clock Display:
• Current time of day
• Selected brew cycles
• Preset auto brew cycles
2. ON/OFF Button
: Use to turn unit on and start brewing cycle or to cancel brewing
cycle and turn unit off.
UTO/ON Button
: ctivates the auto brewing function.
4. PROG Button: llows you to select a specific time for brewing coffee.
5. MIN Button: Sets desired minutes.
6. HOUR Button: Sets desired hour.
7. 1-4 CUPS Button
: Use for brewing smaller quantities.
Important: When using this feature, make sure to fill the water reservoir half full. The
coffeemaker will continue the brewing cycle until the reservoir is empty.
How to Use
This unit is for household use only.


1. Remove all stickers, packing material, and literature.
2. When selecting a location for the unit, make sure to place it away from your cabinets.
Setting the Clock (C)
1. Plug unit into a standard C wall outlet. The digital clock
flashes 12:00 M.
2. To change the time, press the HOUR button then the MIN
button until you reach the desired time.
Note: If you unplug the unit or power is interrupted
momentarily, the unit will remember the last set time.
However if power is interrupted for a few seconds, you will
need to set the time again.
3. To reset the time, follow steps 1 and 2.

Cleaning Coffeemaker before First Use

1. Pull up the water reservoir cover and pour cold water
in the reservoir up to the 8-cup level mark on the water
window (D). Do not overfill.
2. To open the brew compartment cover, pull up the
quick-release latch; the cover automatically goes up
and stays in the up position (E).
3. Grip the brew basket by the handle and insert inside the
brew basket (F).
Important: Make sure the brew basket is positioned correctly
in place; otherwise the cover will not close.
4. To close the brew compartment cover, gently press down
until it snaps into place.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents