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Control Panel - Black & Decker CM9050 Instructions Manual

12-cup programmable coffeemaker
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Available languages

Available languages

Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
† . brew strength selection knob (Part # CM900C-0)
2. brew basket lid
† . Removable filter basket (Part # CM900C-0)
. Water reservoir
. Power (
) button
6. Digital display

7. Control panel

8. Sneak-A-Cup® feature
† 9. glass carafe with water & brewed coffee markings (Part # CM900C-0)
0. Adjustable warming plate
Note: † indicates consumer replaceable/ removable parts

1. Power (
) button: Use to turn coffeemaker on and start brewing process. You
can also turn coffeemaker off by pressing this button when the brewing cycle is
2. Digital display: displays time, once set, as well as indicators for auto
programming, cup selection, warming plate, and auto clean.
3. Minute button (MIN): Use to display the correct minute when setting the time.
4. Auto button (AUTO): Press to activate delayed brewing. You may also press this
button to make coffeemaker turn on at same preset time the next day.
5. KEEP WARM: Press to adjust temperature of keep warm carafe plate.
Temperature can be set from levels 1 – 7; default setting is 4. Setting will show
in display window.
6.  –  CUPS: Press to select a low-volume brew setting for making 1 – 4 cups of
coffee. Icon will appear in display window.
7. TIME SINCE bREWED: Press to check freshness of brewed coffee. When
pressed, display will show how long since coffee was made; time of day will
reappear once button is released.
8. AUTO ClEAN: Sets auto clean function. Follow auto clean instructions in CARe
9. Program button (PROg): Use to program your coffeemaker to start brewing at a
specified time for delayed brewing.
10. Hour button (HR): Use to display correct hour when setting time.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents