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How To Use - Black & Decker Spacemaker ODC460 Use And Care Book Manual

8-cup thermal coffeemaker
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4:32 PM
Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
1. Digital display
2. Time/program buttons
3. Reservoir cover
† 4. Water reservoir with level markings (Part # ODC440-01)
† 5. 8-cup thermal carafe (2365 ml) (Part # ODC460-03)
† 6. Brew-thru lid (Part # ODC460-04)
7. Sneak-A-Cup® Interrupt (under basket)
† 8. Brew basket (Part # ODC450-01)
† 9. Mounting bracket (Part # ODC440-06)
† Consumer replaceable/removables parts
See separate sheet for additional instruction
Page 4
† Mounting parts (Part # ODC440-06)
10. 4 screws
11. 4 square nuts
12. Set of 4 washers
13. Set of 32 spacers

How to Use

This product is for household use only.
1. Press water reservoir release button and pull water reservoir out from unit.
Remove and inventory all packing material, literature and mounting hardware.
2. Brew 8 cups of fresh water through the system using a single paper filter as
instructed in Brewing Coffee, but do not add coffee grounds to the paper filter.
3. When water has brewed through, press ON/OFF button.
4. Clean water reservoir, filter basket, thermal carafe and lid. (See Cleaning.)
Note: Time display will flash when you plug in unit. You may set clock before,
during or after brewing. (See Setting the Clock/Timer.) You do not need to set
clock before brewing.
1. Remove brew basket. Place paper filter inside and add coffee to be brewed
(usually one heaping tablespoon for every cup. Adjust to taste). Replace brew
2. Press water reservoir release button, pull out water reservoir and fill with water
through lid to desired cup level. Do not overfill reservoir. Replace water
reservoir into unit until it snaps into place.
3. Replace empty thermal carafe and be sure it is "seated" in unit so that it fits
against the lever at the back.
4. Press ON/OFF button. "On" appears at upper right. (To set timer for AUTO ON,
see Setting the Clock/Timer.)
5. After you finish brewing and serving, press ON/OFF button to turn unit OFF.
About Your Thermal Carafe
Coffee is brewed directly through the carafe brew-thru lid. Turn the lid to the
"Lock" position for brewing (align the arrow with the arrow). Coffee may overflow
if the brew-thru lid is not properly in place. Thermal carafe keeps coffee hot and
may be left away from the coffeemaker for serving. To pour coffee, align pour
option on the brew-thru lid with arrow on the handle and proceed to serve. When
finished, realign lock arrow with handle and replace thermal carafe.
To clean thermal carafe and brew thru lid, unlock brew thru lid by turning lid in
unlock direction. After cleaning, replace brew thru lid on thermal carafe and twist
towards lock direction until Lock arrow is aligned with handle.
Sneak-A-Cup® Interrupt Feature lets you pour a cup before brewing is complete.
To serve a cup, remove the thermal carafe from the coffeemaker and pour.
Replace the carafe under the brew basket and the brewing process will continue.
Note: After pouring, replace thermal carafe immediately to prevent overflow.
Caution: Do not pull out brew basket when using this feature as it is filled with
hot coffee.
You may set the clock before, during or after a brew cycle.
To set current time: Press the HOUR, then MIN buttons until you reach the
current time. Hold down buttons to advance quickly.



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