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Condenserless chiller
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Available configurations
Hydronic kit with one pump
Hydronic kit with two pumps
Compact units Plug and Play.
The units in the NECS system are fitted standard with a hy-
dronic group. This houses all the main hydraulic components,
thereby optimising hydraulic and electric installation space,
time and cost.
The innovative QuickMind control fitted to the units in the NECS
system, has been designed to work on systems with a low wa-
ter content, offering highly professional alternatives to the in-
stallation of systems featuring storage units.
For special applications, a tank to install inside the unit is avail-
able on request.
2-pole low head pump
Horizontal one-piece centrifugal pump with one impeller, axial
suction and radial delivery, AISI 304L stainless steel pump body
impeller. The section of the shaft in contact with the liquid is
made from stainless steel. Mechanical seal made from compo-
nents in ceramics/carbon/NBR/AISI304. Three phase electric
motor protected to IP55, insulation class F, suitable for continu-
ous service.
2-pole high head pump
The hydronic group in all versions of the unit can be supplied
with a high head pump. In these cases, the pump features a
two-pole motor even in the silent-running versions.
Second pump
A second stand-by pump for high or low pressures is available
on request. The pumps are automatically exchanged on the
basis of a rotation programme and the stand-by pump cuts in
automatically if the primary pump fails. The two-pump hydron-
ic assembly is also fitted with check valves to ensure the unit
works correctly.
Special pumps
For pumps with different configurations, please contact our
sales department.
Water-side mechanical filter (recommended)
Y-filter designed and built to capture the impurities in the hy-
draulic circuit. It is fitted with a 0.9 mm stainless steel mesh car-
tridge which can be replaced without removing the valve body
from the piping.
The supply does not include the following accessories though
these are recommended to ensure correct system operation:
- MA Pressure gauges upline and downline from the unit.
- GF Flexible joints on piping.
- RI On-off valves
- T
Outlet control thermometer

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents