Controller; Accessories - Mitsubishi Electric CLIMAVENETA NECS-ME Series Technical Bulletin

Condenserless chiller
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2.4 Controller

The controller is available in two formats:
- W3000 Base: keyboard and LED display.
- W3000SE Compact: the keypad features functional controls
and a complete LCD display that allows assessment and inter-
vention on the unit by means of a multi-level menu with selecta-
ble user's language.
The diagnostics comprises a complete alarm management sys-
tem, including "black box" (via PC) functions and an alarm log
(via display or also PC) for optimised analysis of unit perform-
Compatibility with the remote keyboard managing up to 10
The presence of the programmable timer allows the creation
of an operating profi le containing up to 4 typical days and 10
time bands.
Common features: Heat adjustment is based on the exclusive
QuickMind algorithm, featuring a self-adaptive logic which is
useful for systems with a low water content. Alternatively, pro-
portional or proportional-integral adjustments can be set.
For systems featuring more than one unit, the resources can
be adjusted using optional propriety devices. Consumption and
performance accounting can also be implemented. Supervision
can be easily developed via proprietary devices or the integra-
tion in third party systems by means of the most common pro-
tocols as ModBus, Bacnet, Bacnet-over-IP, Echelon LonWorks

2.5 Accessories

- Soft start
Electronic device adopted to manage the inrush current.
Break down of the inrush current as soon as the electrical mo-
tor is switch on, lower motor's mechanical wear, favourable
sizing for the electrical system.
- Remote phase-sequence control
Relay for controlling the phase-sequence of mains.
Protects loads against faults due to incorrect connection of
the electric line.
- Compressors' on/off signal
Auxiliary contacts providing a voltage-free signal.
Allows remote signalling of compressor's activation or remote
control of any auxiliary loads.
- ModBUS connectivity
Interface module for ModBUS protocols.
Allows integration with BMS operating with ModBUS proto-
- BACnet connectivity
Interface module for BACnet protocols.
Allows integration with BMS operating with BACnet protocol.
- Echelon connectivity
Interface module for Echelon systems.
Allows integration with BMS operating with Echelon procotls.
- Auxiliary signal 4-20mA
4..20mA analogue input. Allows to change the operating set-
point according to the value of current applied to the analogue
Enforce Energy Saving policies
- HP and LP gauges
High and low pressure gauges (only for sizes 0152..0612).
Allows immediate reading of the pressure values on both low
and high pressure circuits.
- Compressor suction valve
Shut-off solenoid valve on compressor's suction circuit.
Simplifi es maintenance activities.
- Compr. discharge line valve
Shut-off solenoid valve on compressor discharge circuit.
Simplifi es maintenance activities.
- Extra insulation for the compressors section
Acoustic encolsure on both compressor and pump sections
(when applicable).
Noise emission reduction.
- Automatic circuit breakers
Over-current switch on the major electrical loads.
It protects compressors and/or fans from possible current
- Input remote demand limit
Digital input (voltage free)
It permits to limit the unit's power absorption for safety rea-
sons or in temporary situation.
- Liquid line solenoid valve
Solenoid valve on the refrigerant circuit inlet (only for sizes
It avoids liquid to migrate toward the compressors when they
are off.
- Multi-units control devices
(Sequencer, Manager3000, FWS3000)
Separately supplied.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents