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Mitsubishi Electric CLIMAVENETA NECS-ME Series Technical Bulletin page 8

Condenserless chiller


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Control unit with LCD display
(optional for NECS-ME 0152..0612)
Remote keyboard
As an alternative to the standard keyboard, the NECS has
a W3000 Compact operator panel with liquid crystal display.
This keyboard is standard for the NECS-ME 0604..1604 units.
This keyboard features a user interface for 3 European lan-
guages that can be selected by the user. Two of these are
preset (Italian and English) and the third can be chosen from
The remote keyboard may be connected to the unit without re-
placing the W3000 Base operator panel originally provided on
the unit. In this case the interface fi tted locally on the unit is ex-
cluded, and access to the programming menus and the display
of the machine status is present only the additional keyboard at
remote level.
French, German, Spanish, Swedish and Russian (to specify
when ordering). This allows the control unit interface to be cho-
sen to suit the country of destination or, thanks to English, to be
completely independent for all geographical areas.
This same type of operator panel is also available as a remote
keyboard, to be connected to the unit by means of a serial con-
nection up to a maximum distance of 200 metres without power
supply (in this case power is supplied by the unit), or a maxi-
mum of 500 metres with dedicated local power supply.
Instead, when the W3000 Base operator panel is replaced with
the W3000 Compact panel, control of the unit is possible at
both local and remote level. In this case the remote keyboard
faithfully reproduces what is shown on the control unit on board
the machine, further facilitating all the operations of confi guring
and controlling the unit.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents