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Power Save Setting (power Save); Displaying The Accumulated Use Time (time); Setting The Encrypted Transmission Function (encryption); Generating An Internal Signal (internal Sg) - Sony 3-873-945-12 (1) Operating Instructions Manual

Sony digital wireless transmitter operating instructions.
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Using wireless remote control, this function
can be controlled from the receiver and
other devices.
Power save setting
To conserve power, this setting allows you
to put all transmitter functions to sleep.
ACTIVE: The transmitter operates
SLEEP: The sleep function is on. During
sleep, the POWER indicator flashes at 2-
second intervals.
To change back to normal
During sleep, press the SET, +, or – button.
You can also use the wireless remote
control to change the receiver back to
normal operation.
For details on wireless remote control function, see
"Using the wireless remote control function" on
page 26.
Displaying the
accumulated use time
You can display the accumulated battery
use time as a rough estimate of total
transmitter usage.
The factory setting is "00:00".
To reset the accumulated time
Hold down the SET button until the
time indication flashes.
Press the – button so "00:00 RESET"
appears, and then press the SET
Setting menus
Setting the encrypted
transmission function
You can set the encrypted transmission
SECURE KEY: Sets the secure key
PASSWORD: Sets the password method.
OFF: The encrypted transmission function
is not used.
For details, see "Using the encrypted transmission
function" on page 28.
Generating an internal
This transmitter generates a 1-kHz
reference level sine wave that can be used to
adjust or check the audio level of the
receiver or the system that you are using.
This internal signal is outside the control of
the attenuator.
1 kHz: A 1-kHz internal signal is
OFF: An internal signal is not generated.
If the transmitter is turned off while the
reference signal function is on, the function
will turn off automatically.
Locking the power switch
The power switch can be locked to prevent
the transmitter from being accidentally
turned off or on.
Even when the power switch is locked, all
parts of the transmitter other than the power
switch remain functional.
UNLOCK: The power switch is not locked.


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