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Sony MHC-S90D Operating Instructions Manual: Troubleshooting

Sony corporation operating instructions mini hi-fi component system mhc-s90d mhc-s9d.
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To save a tape permanently
To prevent a tape from being accidentally recorded
over, break off the cassette tab from side A or B as
If you later want to reuse the tape for recording, cover
the broken tab with adhesive tape. However, be
careful not to cover the detector slots which allow the
tape player to automatically detect the type of tape.
Tab of side B
Tab of side A
Tape type:
Detector slots
Break off the
cassette tab of
side A
Before placing a cassette in the tape
Take up any slack in the tape. Otherwise the tape may
get entangled in the parts of the tape deck and become
When using a tape longer than
90 minutes
The tape is very elastic. Do not change the tape
operations such as play, stop, and fast-winding, etc.
frequently. The tape may get entangled in the tape
Cleaning the tape heads
Clean the tape heads after every 10 hours of use.
Make sure to clean the tape heads before you start an
important recording or after playing an old tape. Use
a separately sold dry-type or wet-type cleaning
cassette. For details, refer to the instructions of the
cleaning cassette.
Demagnetizing the tape heads
Demagnetize the tape heads and the metal parts that
have contact with the tape every 20 to 30 hours of use
with a separately sold demagnetizing cassette. For
details, refer to the instructions of the demagnetizing
In case color irregularity is observed
on nearby a TV screen
With the magnetically shielded type of speaker
system, the speakers can be installed near a TV set.
However, color irregularity may still be observed on
the TV screen depending on the type of your TV set.
Detector slots
If color irregularity is observed...
Turn off the TV set once, then turn it on after 15 to 30
If color irregularity is observed
Tape type:
Place the speakers farther away from the TV set.


If you run into any problem using this unit, use
the following check list.
First, check that the power cord is connected
firmly and the speakers are connected correctly
and firmly.
Should any problem persist, consult your
nearest Sony dealer. When bringing the system
in for repairs, be sure to bring in the entire
system. This product is a system product, and
the entire system is necessary to determine the
location requiring to repair.
The display starts flashing as soon as you plug
in the power cord even though you haven't
turned on the power.
• The demonstration mode started. Press ?/1 (see
step 10 on page 12).
The clock setting/timer is canceled.
• The power cord is disconnected or a power
failure occurs. Redo "Setting the time" (page
17). If you have set the timer, redo "Waking up
to music" (page 56) and/or "Timer-recording
radio programs" (page 47).
MHC-S90D 4-235-983-13(2) GB


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