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  • Page 1 4-467-785-12(1) Home Audio System Getting Started Disc Operating Instructions Tuner iPod/iPhone USB Device Other Operations Additional Information MHC-EC619iP...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the below. Refer to them whenever you call ventilation opening of the appliance with upon your Sony dealer regarding this newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc. product. Do not expose the appliance to naked Model No.
  • Page 3 This product has been manufactured by radiate radio frequency energy and, if or on behalf of Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 not installed and used in accordance Konan Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan. with the instructions, may cause harmful Inquiries related to product compliance interference to radio communications.
  • Page 4 For customers in Europe and help to conserve natural resources. In case of products that for safety, Australia performance or data integrity reasons require a permanent connection with an Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic Equipment incorporated battery, this battery should (Applicable in the be replaced by qualified service staff European Union and...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Guide to parts and controls ..6 Additional Information Compatible devices with this Getting Started system ........23 Troubleshooting ...... 23 Hooking up the system securely ........9 Messages ......... 27 Inserting batteries ....10 Precautions ......28 Setting the clock ......
  • Page 6: Guide To Parts And Controls

    Guide to parts and controls This manual mainly explains operations using the remote control, but the same operations can also be performed using the buttons on the unit having the same or similar names. Unit About the child lock function You can lock the buttons except ...
  • Page 7  Remote control Unit: ENTER button Remote control: button Press to enter/confirm the settings.  TUNING+/TUNING button Press to tune to the desired station.  (go backward)/ (go forward) button Press to select a track or file.  (rewind)/ (fast forward) button Press to find a point in a track or file.
  • Page 8   Unit: EQ button RETURN button (page 14) Remote control: EQ +/EQ  button Press to return to the previous menu on the iPod/iPhone. (page 21) Press to select the preset sound effect.   TUNER MEMORY button (page 13) Press to preset the radio station.
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Getting Started Hooking up the system securely  To left speaker  To right speaker  Speaker cord (Red/)  Speaker cord (Black/)  FM lead antenna (Extend it horizontally.)  To wall outlet  SPEAKERS Attaching the speaker pads Connect the speaker cords.
  • Page 10: Inserting Batteries

    Inserting batteries Insert an R6 (size AA) battery (supplied), matching the polarity shown below. Notes on using the remote control  With normal use, the battery should last for about six months.  If you do not use the remote control for a long period of time, remove the battery to avoid damage from battery leakage and corrosion.
  • Page 11: Disc

    “REP ONE”: Repeats the current track or Disc file. “REP FLDR” (MP3 disc only): Repeats the Playing a CD/MP3 disc current folder. “REP ALL”: Repeats all tracks or files. Notes on playing MP3 discs Select the CD function.  Do not save other types of files or Press CD.
  • Page 12 To cancel Program Play Creating your own program Press PLAY MODE. (Program Play) To delete the last step from the Select the CD function. program list Press CD. Press CLEAR when playback is stopped. Select the play mode. Press PLAY MODE repeatedly until “PROGRAM”...
  • Page 13: Tuner

    Presetting radio stations Tuner Listening to the radio Tune to the desired station. Press TUNER MEMORY to Select the FM function. select the tuner memory Press FM. mode. Perform tuning. For automatic scanning Press TUNING MODE repeatedly until “AUTO” appears, and then Press PRESET+/PRESET...
  • Page 14: Ipod/iphone

    Other operations iPod/iPhone Press /. Playing the iPod/iPhone Pause playback . Stop The Lightning connector works with Select a track /. iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation) and iPod nano (7th generation). Hold down / Find a point USB works with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, in a track during playback, and iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch...
  • Page 15  To change the volume level, use VOLUME +/. The volume level does not change even if you adjust it on the iPod/iPhone.  Sony cannot accept responsibility in the event that data recorded to iPod/iPhone is lost or damaged when using an iPod/ iPhone with this system.
  • Page 16: Usb Device

    To use the system as a battery USB Device charger You can use the system as a battery Before using the USB charger for USB devices that have a rechargeable function when the device system is on. Select the USB function. Check the information on websites Press USB.
  • Page 17: Transferring Music From A Disc

    Press Transferring music from Transferring starts, then “USB REC” a disc appears on the display. Do not remove the USB device until transferring is completed. You can transfer music from a disc When transferring is completed, (CD-DA disc or MP3 disc) by using “COMPLETE”...
  • Page 18: Playing A File

    Notes Playing a file  If you start transferring in shuffle play or repeat play mode, the selected play mode is automatically changed to normal play. The audio format that can be played  CD-TEXT information is not transferred in back on this system is MP3/WMA*.
  • Page 19 To erase audio files or folders from When playing a VBR MP3/WMA file, the system may resume playback from a the USB device different point. “REP ONE”: Repeats the current file. Select the USB function. “REP FLDR”: Repeats the current folder. Press USB.
  • Page 20 Creating your own program (Program Play) Select the USB function. Press USB. Select the play mode. Press PLAY MODE repeatedly until “PROGRAM” appears while the player is stopped. Select the desired file number. Press / repeatedly until the desired file number appears. Selected file number When programming MP3/WMA files in a specific folder, press...
  • Page 21: Adjusting The Sound

    Other Operations Changing the display Adjusting the sound Press Change DISPLAY repeatedly information when the system is on. Press on the Adjust the VOLUME +/. display* volume * For example, you can view information, Generate BASS BOOST. such as track number, file/folder name, a more album name and artist name.
  • Page 22: Using The Timers

    Turn off the system. Using the timers Press . The system automatically turns on before the preset time. The system offers two timer functions. If the system is on at the preset If you use both timers, the Sleep Timer time, the Play Timer will not be has priority.
  • Page 23: Additional Information

    Lightning connector. Make sure there is no problem with the USB For customers in Canada: device and iPod/iPhone. If this display pattern persists, contact For customers in Latin America: your nearest Sony dealer. For customers in other countries/ regions:
  • Page 24 A disc cannot be ejected and “LOCKED” in about 30 minutes when there is appears on the display. no operation or audio signal output.  Contact your Sony dealer or local See “To turn off the automatic authorized Sony service facility. standby function” (page 27).
  • Page 25 The sound is distorted. There is noise, skipping, or distorted  Make sure the iPod/iPhone is sound.  Turn off the system, then reconnect connected securely. the USB device.  Turn down the volume.  The music data itself contains noise, ...
  • Page 26 Transferring results in an error. Play does not start from the first track.  Check the information on websites  Set the play mode to normal play for compatible USB devices using mode. the URLs listed under “USB devices” Files cannot be played back. in “Compatible devices with this ...
  • Page 27: Messages

    To turn off the automatic standby Messages function This system is equipped with an DISC ERR automatic standby function. With this You have loaded a disc that cannot be function, the system enters standby played. mode automatically in about 30 minutes when there is no operation or ERROR audio signal output.
  • Page 28: Precautions

    On safety Precautions  Completely disconnect the power cord (mains lead) from the wall outlet (mains) if it is not going to be Discs that this system CAN play used for an extended period of time.  Audio CD When unplugging the unit, always ...
  • Page 29: Specifications

    On the speaker system Specifications This speaker system is not magnetically shielded, and the Main unit picture on nearby TV sets may become magnetically distorted. In this situation, turn off the TV, wait 15 to AUDIO POWER SPECIFICATIONS 30 minutes, and turn it back on. POWER OUTPUT AND TOTAL HARMONIC If there is no improvement, move the DISTORTION:...
  • Page 30 General Dock section Connector type: 8-pin Lightning Power requirements: connector* North American model: AC 120 V, Output voltage: DC 5 V 60 Hz Maximum output current: 1 A Other models: AC 120 V  240 V, * The Lightning connector works with 50/60 Hz iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation) Power consumption: 55 W...
  • Page 31: License And Trademark Notice

    License and Trademark Notice  iPhone, iPod, iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Lightning is a trademark of Apple Inc.  “Made for iPod,” and “Made for iPhone” mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod or iPhone, respectively, and has been...
  • Page 32 ©2013 Sony Corporation Printed in China 4-467-785-12(1)

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  • Harry Armstrong Feb 07, 2020 09:13:
    "LOCK ON" appears on the screen when I press the "OPEN​/CLOSE&quo​t; button to put a disc in the disc-tray, but it does not open. Also, "LOCK ON" with just about every button I press, except "STAN​DBY" when it is shutting off.

    WHAT IS WRONG? How can I turn off the "LOCK ON" feature. I could not find anything related in the instructio​n manual.
  • #unknown Feb 07, 2020 09:31:
    "LOCK ON" appears on the screen when I press the "OPEN​/CLOSE&quo​t; button to put a disc in the disc-tray, but it does not open. Also, "LOCK ON" with just about every button I press, except "STAN​DBY" when it is shutting off.

    WHAT IS WRONG? How can I turn off the "LOCK ON" feature. I could not find anything related in the instructio​n manual.
  • Patrick Cooney Jul 28, 2018 06:36:
    Stereo keeps turning on in the morning on its own. I cannot figure out how to cancel that. Also, nowhere in the manual that I’ve found does it mention the “standby​” message every time I turn it off.
  • Carol May 14, 2016 05:20:
    Bought a Sony MCH-EC 619ip didn't recieve FM antenna how can I get one.
  • Carol martinez May 14, 2016 04:11:
    I bought a Sony shelf system MHC-EC 619ip and didn't get the FM antenna in the box where can I get one?