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System Outputs - Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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060-4241-000 • Rev. D - March 2000
MK V & MK VII EGPWS Pilot Guide
The EGPWS provides both audio and visual outputs.
Audio outputs are provided as specific alert phrases, and
altitude callouts or tones provided by an EGPWS speaker and
via the cockpit Interphone system for headset usage. Several
audio output levels are available. They are established during
the installation of the EGPWS. These EGPWS audio outputs can
be inhibited by other systems having higher priority (i.e.,
windshear) or cockpit switches in some cases. The EGPWS
also has the ability to inhibit other system audio outputs such
as TCAS.
Visual outputs provide discrete alert and status annunciations,
and display terrain video when a compatible display system is
available and enabled. The discrete visual alerts coincide with
audio caution and warning alerts to achieve an optimum
terrain alerting capability. Status annunciations provide
information to the flight crew about the status of the EGPWS
(e.g., GPWS INOP) or activation of selected functions. Terrain
video is generated by the EGPWC based on the aircraft's current
position relative to the surrounding terrain. This video is
presented to a Weather Radar indicator, EFIS display, or a
dedicated display unit.
The EGPWC uses program pin discrete inputs to define the in-
stallation configuration and option selection. The EGPWS has
been designed for maximum flexibility while being tailored to
specific aircraft equipment, sensors, and displays. The follow-
ing list summarizes available Operator options (excluding
sensor and equipment configuration options):
• Flashing Lamps – When selected causes alert annunciators
to flash when active.
• TAD and TCF Disable – Suppresses all TAD and TCF alerting
and display functions.
• Altitude Callouts – Selects desired altitude callouts from a
menu of options.
• Audio Output Level – Selects desired audio output level
High, Medium, or Low.
• Alternate Mode 6 Volume – Selects reduced Mode 6
volume (-3 dB).

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Table of Contents

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