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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 45

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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060-4241-000 • Rev. D - March 2000
MK V & MK VII EGPWS Pilot Guide
Additional input discretes are used to control or define EGPWS
• EGPWS Self-Test – Cockpit switch initiates EGPWS Self-Test
on the ground. Typically part of EGPWS warning (red) lamp.
• Glideslope Cancel – Cockpit switch cancels Mode 5
Glideslope alerting. Typically part of EGPWS caution (am-
ber) lamp.
• Glideslope Inhibit – Inhibits Mode 5 Glideslope alerting.
Normally used for backcourse approaches.
• Altitude Callout Enable – Enables Mode 6 Callouts.
• Mode 6 Low Volume – Reduces Mode 6 volume (an addi-
tional) 6 dB. This is typically hardwired or connected to an
external switch.
• TAD and TCF Inhibit – Cockpit switch to disable all TAD and
TCF functions.
• Audio Inhibit – disables all EGPWS audio outputs.
• Steep Approach Enable – Enables Steep Approach (Mode 1
Excessive Descent Rate) alerts biasing.
• Steep Approach Select – Selects (activates) Steep Approach
(Mode 1 Excessive Descent Rate) alerts biasing to reduce
nuisance alerts.
• Flap Over-Ride – Cockpit switch to select landing flaps when
not in the landing flap configuration.
• PLI Select/Deselect – Used for displaying or deselecting the
display of EGPWS derived Pitch Limit Indicator (PLI) signals
when a Windshear warning occurs.
For additional options information contact Honeywell.

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Table of Contents

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