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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 50

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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level 1 Self Test is used to verify proper operation of the EGPWS
on the ground as follows:
1. Ensure that adequate aircraft power is available and the
EGPWS and associated systems are powered.
2. Ensure that any EGPWS inhibiting switches are in the
normal (non-inhibiting) position.
3. Verify that EGPWS inoperative annunciations are
extinguished. If an inoperative annunciation is indicated,
perform the EGPWS Self-Test (below) and then seek
corrective action if the inoperative condition persists.
4. If a terrain display is enabled, select terrain to be displayed.
5. Momentarily depress the EGPWS Self-Test switch.
When a Self-Test is initiated, the EGPWC first checks for any
configuration (installation or database) errors. If any are
detected it is audibly enunciated and the test is terminated. If
none detected, the test continues through a sequence resulting
in turning on and off all system annunciators, enunciating
specific audio messages, and if enabled, displaying a video test
pattern on the terrain display (see illustration below). Any
functions determined inoperative are also enunciated (e.g.,
"GLIDESLOPE INOP"). The Self-Test terminates automatically
at its conclusion.
The following is a description of the expected results of a typical
level 1 Self-Test. Actual annunciation nomenclature and
sequence may differ depending on the installation.
• GPWS INOP , W/S INOP , and TERR INOP annunciators turn
• Amber caution ("BELOW G/S" or "GPWS") annunciators
turn on.
• "GLIDESLOPE" is announced over speaker.
• Amber annunciators turn off.
• G/S CANCEL annunciators turn on (if installed).
060-4241-000 • Rev. D - March 2000
MK V & MK VII EGPWS Pilot Guide

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Table of Contents

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