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Features; Enclosure Ratings And Types - Siemens TYPE VBII Series Application Manual

Safety switches


Type 1 Enclosure
Siemens Type VBII Safety Switch
Type 1 enclosures are intended for
indoor use primarily to provide
protection against contact with the
enclosed equipment in locations where
unusual service conditions do not exist.


• Tangential knockouts in all
box surfaces (30-600A HD &
60-600 GD)
• Two- and three-point mounting
with top keyhole
• Formed flange enclosure edges
• 180º plus side opening door
• Drawn cover design
for increased durability and
resistance to damage (30-600A)
• Rugged metal handle with a red
insulating grip
• Front operable cover interlock
release with positive rotating
release action (30-1200A
heavy duty and 60-600A
general duty)
• Metal nameplates on all heavy
duty switches
• 30 & 60A Heavy Duty & 60A
General Duty switches have
tangential knockouts which
are UL approved for bonding
conduits for non-service
entrance conductors.

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