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Siemens Type Vector Instruction Manual

Manual group-operated switch
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Type Vector®
manual group-operated switch

instruction manual

Installation operation maintenance E50001-F710-A420-X-4A00
Answers for energy.



Summary of Contents for Siemens Type Vector

  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    Type Vector® manual group-operated switch instruction manual Installation operation maintenance E50001-F710-A420-X-4A00 Answers for energy.
  • Page 2 50 volts equipment purchased. Siemens reserves or more, and shall, at a minimum, be the right to make changes in the additionally trained in all of the following:...
  • Page 3 Operating handle adjustment procedure or relationship. The sales contract contains the entire obligation of Siemens Energy, Inc. The warranty contained in the contract between the parties is the sole warranty of Operational check out instructions 14 - 15 Siemens Energy, Inc.
  • Page 4 Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the voltage and arc flash incident energy exposure. Introduction The type Vector® manual group-operated switch is designed to meet all applicable ANSI, NEMA and IEEE standards. Successful application and operation of...
  • Page 5 +1 (501) 362-8296. could result in death or serious injury. For medium voltage customer service Caution - Indicates a potentially hazardous issues, contact Siemens at +1 (501) 362- situation which, if not avoided, may result 8296. in minor or moderate injury.
  • Page 6: General Description

    Voltage Air Switches ANSI/IEEE C37.35 Guide for the Application, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of High-Voltage Figure 1: Typical type Vector manual group-operated switch Disconnecting and Interrupter Swiches ANSI/IEEE 1247 Interrupter Switches for Alternating Current, Above 1,000 NEMA SG6 Power Switching Equipment.
  • Page 7 Table 1: Type Vector manual group-operated air up to 38.0 kV. A typical type Vector manual switch group-operated air switch is shown in Figure 1. All diagrams, descriptions and...
  • Page 8 Coupling assembly Pipe guide assembly conditions. If special handling is required, d) Handle assembly it is so indicated. The type Vector manual group-operated air switch must be handled e) Insulator assembly (optional) carefully when unloading. f) Pins Inspection and unpacking g) Cotter pins.
  • Page 9 7. If practical, make further inspection for Siemens cannot be held liable for repairs. possible concealed damage while the Siemens will not be held liable for repairs carrier’s inspector is on site. If in any case where repair work was...
  • Page 10 The lifting method used in handling the Storage type Vector manual group-operated switch If at all possible, install the type Vector is achieved via the single point hoist manual group-operated switch at the bracket. When properly employed, this permanent location even though it may be method of handling will not damage the some time before the equipment is used.
  • Page 11 Installation Installation Installation instructions for the type Vector manual group-operated air switch are detailed in the following steps: 1. Drill two mounting holes 11/16" in diameter located per the user's construction standards and spaced per Siemens assembly drawing. 2. Install the mounting bolts in the holes.
  • Page 12 Installation Item Description Loosen bolt Figure 5: Loosen bolts 8. Remove single-point lift bracket. Note: Verify the piercing set screws are backed out all the way before sliding the 9. Ground the air switch unit (and surge handle assembly on the bottom shaft arresters if required) using #2 or larger section (refer to Figure 6: Before piercing).
  • Page 13 Operating handle adjustment procedure Operating handle adjustment procedure 3. Tighten the four clamp bolts. Do not tighten the piercing set screws yet. The next series of steps address adjusting Open and close the air switch slowly the position of the handle assembly and and then rapidly.
  • Page 14 (set to trip), Operational check out instructions for the the lever should stick above the type Vector® manual group-operated nylon bumper at least 1/8" switch are detailed in the following steps: (3.2 mm). There should be no metal- 1.
  • Page 15 Operational check out instructions 2. As the blade continues to rotate open, the interrupter lever must make full metal-to-metal contact with the contactor (refer to Figure 13: Contactor connection). At this point, the load then transfers from the auxiliary contacts to the interrupter's lever arm so that the interrupter now carries the full load.
  • Page 16 Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance instructions for the type Vector® manual group-operated switch are detailed in the following steps: 1. Periodically operate the switch and check for actions described in Operational check out instructions on pages 14-15. Lubricate the jaw, auxiliary contacts and the end of the blade with Dow Corning®...
  • Page 17 Maintenance Table 2: Remarks...
  • Page 18 Replaces No. VEC4100 10/2/08 Printed in USA All rights reserved. Trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of Siemens AG, its affiliates, or their respective owners. Subject to change without prior notice. The information in this document contains general descriptions of the technical options available, which may not apply in all cases.