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Safety switches
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One Tough Switch: Siemens Type VBII Safety Switch
in operation
Siemens now offers a complete line
of enclosed switches featuring
unique and innovative designs that
are unparalleled in the industry.
General and Heavy Duty Switches
Feature a Time-Proven Design
Like the time-proven Vacu-Break design,
the Siemens VBII double-break switch-
ing action breaks the arc in two places.
This reduces heat generation and
increases switching speed by doubling
the breaking distance. The result is
enhanced performance and increased
longevity. We also provide the most
visible blade design available today.
Unlike conventional knife blade switch-
es, the blades are self-aligning to
ensure positive contact. In addition,
they have no wear and friction point
since the "electrical hinge" has been
eliminated. The result is a very fast,
positive and reliable switching action
for even the most severe applications.
One Tough Switch:
More Rugged and Durable
in Demanding Applications
Siemens engineers tackled the
problem of designing a switch that
would stand up under the most
demanding industrial conditions,
such as those in steel mills and mining
operations. These environments
require a switch that must work
reliably and safely in the midst of
falling liquids, airborne fibers, dust,
metal particles, coolants and other
Tested and Retested
All Siemens safety switches have been
tested not only to meet but to exceed
all UL requirements. These tests
include those for general purpose
enclosed switches and those designed
for more specialized purposes where
applicable. The result is a rugged,
reliable design that will provide
superior performance in a wide
variety of applications.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents