Suggested Specifications - Siemens TYPE VBII Series Application Manual

Safety switches
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Siemens Type VBII Safety Switch

Suggested Specifications

1.1. Switches shall be furnished as shown on the drawings and
shall be of the type described and
specified herein.
Switches shall comply with the following standards:
2.1 UL 98—Enclosed and Dead Front Switches
2.2 NEMA KS 1—Enclosed Switches
3.1 Provide outline drawings with dimensions, conduit entry /
exit locations, cable terminal sizes and equipment ratings for
voltage, amperage, horsepower and short-circuit. They also
must include replacement parts and accessories
1. Switch Mechanism/Handle
1.1 Switch operating mechanism shall be nonteasible, positive,
quick-make, quick-break such that during normal operation of
the switch, the operation of the contacts shall not be capable of
being restrained by the operating handle after the closing or
opening action of the contacts has started.
1.2 The operating handle shall be an integral part of the box
and not of the cover.
1.3 The handle position, combined with large ON and OFF
lettering on the nameplate, shall clearly indicate the switch
1.4 The operating handle must be made of steel, with no
plastic parts other than the handle grip.
1.5 The operating handle shall be provided with a highly visible
red plastic grip and must allow for hook stick operation.
1.6 The operating mechanism must be made of steel, with no
plastic parts.
1.7 All Heavy Duty switches (Type 1, 3R, 4/4X stainless steel,
4X non-metallic, 12) shall have a dual-cover interlock
mechanism to prevent unintentional opening of the switch
cover when the switch is ON and prevent turning the switch ON
when the cover is open. The cover interlock mechanism shall
have an externally operated override but the override shall not
permanently disable the interlock mechanism. The tool used to
override the cover interlock mechanism shall not be required to
enter the enclosure in order to override the interlock.
1.8 30-200A 4X stainless steel switches shall have stainless
steel interior parts as standard.
1.9 All switches shall have provisions to accept up to three
5/16 inches hasp padlocks to lock the operating handle in the
OFF position.
2.1 All switches shall have switch blades that are visible when
the switch is OFF and the cover is open. (Type 1, 3R, 4/4X
stainless steel, 4X non-metallic, 12).
2.2 Lugs shall be front removable and UL-listed for
60°C or 75°C conductors (30-100A), 75°C conductors (200-
1200A) aluminum or copper conductors. Except for 30A
General Duty line and load lugs shall be removable with no
need to remove line shields and arc suppressors.
2.3 30-100A Heavy Duty switches shall be capable of
accepting field installed fuse puller kits.
2.4 Optional copper body and crimp type lugs are to be UL
approved for field installation in Heavy Duty 30-1200A ratings.
2.5 Heavy Duty Switches all shall have all-copper current
carrying parts other than standard aluminum alloy lugs.
2.6 All current-carrying parts shall be plated to resist corrosion.
2.7 Heavy Duty switches shall have provisions for field
installable auxiliary switches. There also must be low current
PLC type auxiliary interlock available for 30-200A switches.
2.8 All Heavy Duty switches shall have spring reinforced fuse

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents