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Safety switches
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Type 3R Enclosure
Type 3R enclosures are intended
for outdoor use primarily to provide a
degree of protection against falling rain
and sleet, and must remain undamaged
by the formation of ice on the
enclosure. They are not intended to
provide protection against conditions
such as dust, internal condensation
or internal icing.
• Tangential knockouts in all
box surfaces below lowest
live parts (30-600A)
• Two- and three-point mounting
with top keyhole
• Formed flange enclosure edges
• 180º plus side opening door
• Double overlap enclosure door
top to provide superior
protection against entry of rain
• Type HA hub provision
30A general duty
• Type HS hub provision
(30-200A switches)
• Galvanized steel construction
• Drawn cover design for
increased durability and resistance
to damage (30-200A)
• Rugged metal handle with a red
insulating grip
• Front operable cover interlock
release with positive rotating
release action (30-1200A
heavy duty and 60-600A
general duty)
• Metal nameplates on all heavy
duty switches

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents