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Siemens TYPE VBII Series Application Manual page 5

Safety switches


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Underwriters' Laboratories Inc.
Listed by UL under file #E4776 as
enclosed switches and also suitable for
use as service equipment except on
1200A switches on Y systems of more
than 150V to ground.
Meets UL98 standard for enclosed
switches and enclosures
Type 1 switches—general purpose enclo-
sures (Type 1)
Type 3R switches—rainproof enclosures
(Type 3R)
Type 4/4X switches—special purpose
enclosures (Type 4/4X)
Type 12 switches—special
purpose enclosures (Type 12).
Groundable Neutrals
General & Heavy Duty Switches
Switches designed for use on systems
requiring neutrals to have groundable
neutral blocks.
Feature Comparison
➀ 400 & 600A fusible, double-throw switches accept only Class J or T fuses.
➁ 30A general duty switches have fuse clips constructed of spring type copper.
➂ Not supplied on 30A outdoor & plug fuse switches.
➃ 30-200A Type VBII in stainless steel enclosures.
➄ 60-200A
➅ 200A general duty switches have aluminum neutral assemblies.
➆ 100-600A GD and 100-1200A HD switches will accept Class T fuses
Features / Ratings
30-600 Amps
800 and 1200 Amps
240 Volts AC
600 Volts AC
250 Volts DC
600 Volts DC
Double-break visible blade
design (30-200A)
Quick-make, quick-break switching action
Highly visible ON/OFF handle indication
Handle design for hook stick operation
Padlockable cover latch
Padlockable handle
Single voidable cover interlock
Dual voidable cover interlock
Type 1 enclosure
Type 3R enclosure
Type 12 enclosure
Type 4/4X enclosure
Generous wiring gutters that meet UL and
NEC wire-bending space requirements
Lugs suitable for copper or aluminum
at 60˚C or 75˚C
CU/AL wire lugs that meet
UL 486B requirements
Suitable for field-convertible
compression connectors
All plated copper current carrying parts
(except lugs)
Spring reinforced Fuse Clips
(except 30A general duty)
Clear pivoting line terminal shield
Replacement parts
Field addable 200% neutral
Provisions for UL Class T, R and H fuses
Provisions for UL Class J and L fuses
Metal nameplate
Aux. switch kit
Type 4X with stainless steel interior parts
Rolled flange enclosure design (30-200A)
UL approved HP ratings for
high efficiency motors
Isolated ground kits

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents