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Appendix; Important Notes On Operation; Condensation - Sony PDW-70MD Instructions For Use Manual

Professional disc recorder.
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Important Notes on
Use and storage
Do not subject the unit to severe shocks
The internal mechanism may be damaged or the body
Do not cover the unit while operating
Doing so will cause temperatures to rise inside the unit,
possibly resulting in failure.
After use
Turn off the on/standby switch.
If you plan not to use the unit for a long time, turn off the
POWER switch on the rear panel as well.
• Remove the disc before transporting the unit.
• If sending the unit by truck, ship, air or other
transportation service, pack it in the shipping carton of
the unit.
Care of the unit
If the body of the unit is dirty, clean it with a soft, dry cloth.
In extreme cases, use a cloth steeped in a little neutral
detergent, then wipe dry. Do not use organic solvents such
as alcohol or thinners, as these may cause discoloration or
other damage to the finish of the unit.
In the event of operating problems
If you should experience problems with the unit, contact
your Sony dealer.
Use and storage locations
Store in a level, ventilated place. Avoid using or storing the
unit in the following places.
• In excessive heat or cold (operating temperature range:
5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F))
Remember that in summer or in warm climates the

Important Notes on Operation

temperature inside a car with the windows closed can
easily exceed 50°C (122°F).
• In damp or dusty locations
• Locations where the unit may be exposed to rain
• Locations subject to violent vibration
• Near strong magnetic fields
• Close to radio or TV transmitters producing strong
electromagnetic fields.
• In direct sunlight or close to heaters for extended periods
To prevent electromagnetic interference from
portable communications devices
The use of portable telephones and other communications
devices near this unit can result in malfunctions and
interference with audio and video signals.
It is recommended that the portable communications
devices near this unit be powered off.
About the LCD panel
LCD panels are manufactured with extremely high
precision technology that yields effective pixel rates of
99.99% or higher. However, very rarely, one or more
pixels may be permanently dark or permanently lit in
white, red, blue, or green.
This phenomenon is not a malfunction. Such pixels have
no effect on the recorded data, and the unit may be used
with confidence even if they are present.


If you move the unit from a very cold place to a warm
place, or use it in a damp location, condensation may form
on the optical pickup. Then, if the unit is operated in this
state, recording and playback may not be performed
Do the following to prevent this from happening.
• When you move or operate the unit in an environment
where condensation may form, be sure to insert a disc in
• Whenever you turn on the On/standby switch, check that
the HUMID indicator does not appear on the LCD panel,


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