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Sony PDW-70MD Instructions For Use Manual Page 69

Professional disc recorder.
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OPERATIONAL FUNCTION [Operational]: Operation
SYSTEM SEL [> System
Sel]: Select the system
frequency and area of
After changing any of the sub-
items, power the unit off and
then power it on again. The
initial settings of the setup
menu as a whole will change
to reflect the settings made
VAR SPD LIMIT [> VAR limit]: Specify whether to limit the
speed of variable speed playback
ASM POSTROLL [> Postroll]: Specify whether to record
postroll when executing assemble editing
DISPLAY CONTROL [Display]: Settings related to display
on the LCD panel of this unit and on an external monitor
SUB STATUS [> Sub status]: Select the supplementary
status information shown in the monitor video section and
on an external monitor.
BRIGHTNESS [> Brightness]: Adjust the brightness of the
ALARM [> ALARM]: Select whether to display alarm
HD CHARA [> HD cha]: Specify whether, when CHAR SEL
on page P1 of the function menu is set to "ON", to forcibly
turn off superimposition of text information on HD output.
VIDEO CONTROL [Video]: Settings related to video
FRAME PB [> Frame PB]: Select whether to output fields or
frames as still images of video.
Freq]: Select the system
UC/J [>> UC/J]: Select the
area of use.
*60I [>>> 60i]: 59.94i
50I [>>> 50i]: 50i
30P [>>> 30P]: 29.97P
25P [>>> 25P]: 25P
UC [>>> UC]: For areas outside Japan
*J [>>> J]: For Japan
*OFF [>> OFF]: –1 to +2 times normal speed
ON [>> ON]: 0 to +1 times normal speed
OFF [>> OFF]: Do not record postroll.
*ON [>> ON]: Record postroll.
*OFF [>> OFF]: No supplementary status information
TC MODE [>> TC mode]: Indications of the operating mode of
internal timecode generator
REMAIN [>> Remain]: Free capacity on the disc (in minute
CLIP NO [>> Clp No]: Clip number
PLAYBACK REMAIN [>> PB remain]:Time from the current
playback position to the recording end position, displayed
in time data format
For details of supplementary status information displayed on
the monitor when a setting other than OFF is selected, see
"Displaying Supplementary Status Information" (page 30) in
Chapter 2.
The LCD BRIGHTNESS screen appears.
Factory default setting: *55
See page 28 "Adjusting the Brightness of the LCD Panel" for
more information about how to adjust the brightness.
OFF [>> OFF]: In general, do not display alarm messages.
However, do display some important alarm messages.
ON(LIMITED) [>> ON(Limit)]: Display a minimum number of
alarm messages.
*ON [>> ON]: Display all alarm messages.
OFF [>> OFF]: Forcibly turn off superimposition of text
*FUNCTION MENU [>> F-MENU]: Do not forcibly turn off
superimposition of text information. (The setting of CHAR
SEL in the function menu takes priority.)
*AUTO [>> AUTO]: Output a field image when the format is
interlaced, and output a frame image when the format is
FRAME[>> FRAME]: Always output a frame image.
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