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Setup Menu Operations - Sony PDW-70MD Instructions For Use Manual

Professional disc recorder.
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INTERFACE SELECT [Interface]: Settings related to
REMOTE I/F [> Remote I/F]: Select how to perform remote
control, when the remote control switch is set to
BAUDRATE [> BaudRate]: Select the communications speed
(bps) of the RS232C connector.
i.LINK MODE [> i.LinkMode]: Select the type of connection
for the
S400 connector.
METADATA [Metadata]: Metadata settings
INDEX POSITION [> Index Pos]: Specify which frame to use
as the thumbnail image (index picture) when recording.
STORE OWNER [> Ownership]: Create UMID owner
MENU GRADE [Menu grade]: Selection of menu items to
be displayed
Determine whether to display basic items only or both basic
and enhanced items on the monitor screen and in the time
data display section when using the setup menu.

Setup Menu Operations

This section explains how to change menu settings.
Buttons used to change settings
Use the following buttons to change menu settings.
Menu control buttons
MENU button
M/MARK1 and m/MARK2
• Display and hide the menu.
• Return to the menu from
setting screens.
These buttons move the
highlighted cursor up and down
within the current level to select
an item or setting. Hold down
one of these buttons to make
the highlighted cursor move
i.LINK [>> i.LINK]: Use the
*9PIN/RS-232C [>> 9P/232C]: Use either the REMOTE(9P)
connector or the RS232C connector, depending on the
setting of the remote connector selector switch.
9PIN(PARA)[>> Para Run]: Use the REMOTE(9P) connector
to connect several PDW-70MD units and perform remote
control from one of them specified as the parent.
*9600 [>> 9600]
19200 [>> 19200]
38400 [>> 38400]
57600 [>> 57600]
115200 [>> 115200]
*AV/C [>> AV/C]: AV/C connection.
FAM(PC REMOTE) [>> FAM]: FAM connection.
0SEC [>> 0 sec] to 10SEC [>> 10 sec]: The frame at 0
seconds to 10 seconds from the top of the clip, specified in
units of 1 second.
Factory default setting: *0SEC
The STORED OWNERSHIP screen appears.
For details, see Appendix "Setting UMID ownership
information" on page 90.
*BASIC [>> Basic]: Display basic items only.
ENHANCED [>> Enhanced]: Display both basic and
enhanced items.
Menu control buttons
</IN and ,/OUT buttons Press the ,/OUT button to go
RESET button
SET button
Changing the settings of basic items
The factory default setting is to display only the basic
items. To change the settings of basic items, proceed as
Press the M/MARK1 or m/MARK2 button to select
the required item.
S400 connector.
down one level.
Press the </IN button to go
up one level.
Hold down one of these
buttons to make the highlighted
cursor move continuously.
• Returns the setting to the
factory default setting.
• Answer "No" to the question.
• Saves the new setting in
• Answer "Yes" to the question.
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