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Troubleshooting - Acer DV555K User Manual

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• The signal cable should be completely connected to the display card/computer.
• The display card should be completely seated in its slot.
• Check the main Power Switch, it should be in the ON position.
• Power Switch and computer power switch should be in the ON position.
• Check to make sure that a supported mode has been selected on the display card or system
being used. (Please consult display card or system manual to change graphics mode.)
• Check the display and your computer's display card with respect to compatibility and
recommended settings.
• Check the signal cable connector for bent or pushed-in pins.
• The display automatically goes into OFF at the preset time period after signal is lost. Press the
power button.
Power Button does not respond
• Unplug the power cord of the display from the AC outlet to turn off and reset the display.
• Check the main Power Switch on the back side of the display.
Image persistence
• Please be aware that LCD Technology may experience a phenomenon known as Image
Image Persistence occurs when a residual or "ghost" image of a previous image remains visible
on the screen. Unlike CRT monitors, image persistence in LCD monitors is not permanent, but
constant images being displayed for a long period of time should be avoided. To alleviate
image persistence, turn off the display for as long as the previous image was displayed.
For example, if an image was on the display for one hour and a residual image remains, the
display should be turned off for one hour to erase the image.
As with all personal display devices, dealer recommends displaying moving images and
using a moving "Anti-Image Retention" at regular intervals whenever the screen is idle or
turning off the monitor when not in use.
Image is unstable, unfocused or swimming is apparent
• Signal cable should be completely attached to the computer.
• Use the OSD Image Adjust controls to focus and adjust display by increasing or decreasing
the fine adjustment.
• When the display mode is changed, the OSD Image Adjust settings may need to be re-adjusted.
• Check the display and your computer's display card with respect to compatibility and
recommended signal timings.
• If your text is garbled, change the video mode to non-interlace and use 60Hz refresh rate.
• The image may be distorted when turning the power on or changing the settings.
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Table of Contents

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