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Wiring; Precaution When Wiring - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC-A Series User Manual

Temperature control module, temperature control module with heater disconnection detection function (hardware)
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5. Wiring

The precaution when wiring and the module connection example are shown

Precaution when wiring

In order to have the best result from the A1S64TC functions and to make the
system highly reliable, an external cabling with low noise effects are necessary.
The external wiring precautions are shown below:
1. Use separate cables for the alternating current and A1S64TC external input
signals to avoid A/C surges and induction effects.
2. Do not bunch the cables with the main circuit, high-voltage cable or load
cables from other than PC, or install them close to each other.
Install the cables far apart from high-frequency circuits, such as the
high-voltage cable and inverter load main circuit, as much as possible.
This increases the noises, surges, and induction.
3. Perform a one-point grounding for the shielded line and shields of the seal
and cable at the PC. However, there may be cases when grounding should
be performed externally depending on the noise condition.


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