Example Of System Setup; Installing The Drive In Your Computer; Preparation - Sony CRX100E User Manual

Cd-r/rw drive unit
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Example of System Setup

To use the CD-R/RW device, the following components are
• Computer (IBM-PC/AT, HP Vectra, or equivalent)
• IDE Host adapter (ATA compliant)
• Floppy disc drive
• IDE Interface cable (40 to 40 pin flat cable)
• Software (Device driver, utilities)

Installing the Drive in Your Computer

This section provides an example of instruction for installing the
CD-R/RW drive unit into your personal computer using the IDE
Host Adaptor (ATA-Compliant).
To connect the CRX100E directly to the PC's IDE port, consult
your PC manufacturer for instruction.


You need the following parts and tools (these are not supplied with
the drive):
• A flat-blade screwdriver
• Four screws 3 mm in diameter and 6 mm in length.
• Two mounting rails if your computer has mounting tracks.
Unplug the computer and disconnect the cables attached to the back
to give yourself more room to work. Do not turn on the power of the
computer before completing the entire installation process.
Example of System Setup / Installing the Drive in Your Computer

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents