Installing The Software Driver; Using Discs; Storing Discs; Care Of Discs - Sony CRX100E User Manual

Cd-r/rw drive unit
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Installing the Software Driver

MSCDEX and the device driver for an ordinary CD-ROM drive can
be used when using the CRX100E as a CD-ROM drive.
Use the device driver for a CD-R/RW drive when using the
CRX100E as a recordable or rewritable drive.
Be sure to install the device driver before operating the drive. Refer
to the manual supplied with the host adapter for instructions.

Using Discs

Storing Discs

• Do not store the disc in a location subject to:

Care of Discs

• Hold the disc by its edge. Do not touch the surface.
• Wipe the CD-ROM disc with the optional CD cleaner to clean it.
• Do not wipe a CD-R disc and CD-RW disc with a cleaner before
• Data cannot be recorded if the recording surface is contaminated.
– high humidity
– high temperature
– excessive dust
– direct sunlight
recording data. To avoid scratching the recording surface, blow
away dust using an air blower.
Installing the Software Driver / Using Discs

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents