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Introduction; Example Of System Setup - Sony CDU924S User Manual

Cd-r drive unit
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The CDU924S is a drive unit for CD-R discs, which store a maximum of
650 Mbytes of digital data.
The drive unit has the following features:
Reads and writes data in both CD-ROM and CD-ROM XA standard
Reads and writes data in CD-BRIDGE format which includes
Reads standard CD-DA ("Red Book") encoded discs, and reads and
writes CD-R discs conforming to "Orange Book Part II."
Supports the following write modes: Disc at once, Track at once,
Variable packet, Fixed packet, and Multi session.
Outputs the audio as 16-bit digital data over the SCSI interface.
Supports read and write operation at both standard speed and double
speed, and read-only operation at quadruple speed.
Supports real time error correction at all speeds.
5 1/4 inch half-height drive form factor.
SCSI bus interface embedded. (Based on SCSI-2)
1 MB buffer memory.
Capable of audio CD playback provided with audio line output and
headphones jack.
Fast access time assures high-speed reading and writing operations.
CD caddy for disc protection.
Automatic locking of the optical pick-up when the caddy is ejected.
This ensures safety during transport.
Emergency eject function which allows the caddy to be ejected
Capable of real time layered error correction.
Employs a casing with an airtight frame.
Software requirement
Additional application or driver software required to operate this unit.

Example of System Setup

To use the CDU924S, at least the following components are necessary.
Computer (IBM-PC*, HP Vectra**, or compatible equipment)
CDU924S CD-R Drive Unit
SCSI host adapter
Floppy disk drive
SCSI interface cable (Single ended, 50 pin flat.)
Here are two examples of system setup.
Example 1
Host computer
Floppy disk
Host adapter
* IBM PC is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
** HP Vectra is a registered trademark of the Hewlett-Packard Company.
Example 2
Host computer ID No. 7
ID No. 6
ID No. 5
ID No. 4
ID No. 3
ID No. 2
ID No.1
SCSI bus connection
Audio connection
Example of System Setup



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