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If The Drying Results Are Not Satisfactory; Technical Data - Electrolux EDH903BEWA User Manual

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The App frequently cannot connect to the
The display shows
The display shows Error code (e.g. E51).
1) After maximum 5 hours, the programme ends automatically.
2) It can happen that some area remains humid when drying big items (e.g. bed sheets ).
14.1 If the drying results are not
• The set programme was incorrect.
• The filter is clogged.
• The Heat Exchanger is clogged.
• There was too much laundry in the
• The drum is dirty.


Height x Width x Depth
Max. depth with the appliance door open
Max. width with the appliance door open
Adjustable height
Drum volume
Maximum load volume
Total power
Type of use
Permitted ambient temperature
Possible solution
Try to move the home router as near the
dryer as possible or consider purchasing
a wireless range extender.
Turn the microwave off. Avoid using the
microwave and the Remote Control of the
oven at the same time. The microwaves
disrupt the Wi-Fi signal.
If you want to set a new programme, de‐
activate and activate the appliance.
Make sure that the options are suitable
for the programme.
Deactivate and activate the appliance.
Start a new programme. If the problem
occurs again, contact the Service centre.
• Incorrect setting of the conductivity
sensor ( See chapter "
Adjustment of the remaining laundry
moisture degree " for better setting).
• The airflow slots are clogged.
• Room temperature is too low or too
high ( optimal room temperature 19°C
to 24°C )
850 x 600 x 600 mm (maximum 665 mm)
1100 mm
950 mm
850 mm (+ 15 mm - feet regulation)
118 l
9 kg
230-240 V
50 Hz
900 W
+ 5°C to + 35°C
Settings -

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents