Important Instructions - Electrolux EHG313BD User Manual

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Before you use the appliance, we recommend that
you read through the relevant sections of this manual,
which provides the description of your appliance and
its functions.
To avoid the risks that are always present when you use
an appliance, it is important that the appliance is installed
correctly and that you read the safety instructions carefully
to avoid misuse and hazards.
We recommend that you keep this instruction booklet for
future reference and pass it on to any future owners.
This appliance complies with the requirements of
Australian Standard AS 5263.
Check for any damage or marks. If you find the
appliance is damaged or marked, you must report
it within 7 days if you wish to claim for damage/
marks under the manufacturer’s warranty. This
does not affect your statutory rights.
Information on disposal for users
Most of the packaging materials are
recyclable. Please dispose of these materials
through your local recycling depot or by
placing them in appropriate collection
If you wish to discard this product, please
contact your local authorities and ask for the
correct method of disposal.
Read the following carefully to avoid damage or injury.
Do not allow pots to boil dry, as damage to both pan
and cooktop may result.
Do not operate the cooktop for an extended period
of time without a pot or pan on the burner.
Do not allow large cookware to overhang the
cooktop onto adjacent benchtop. This will cause
scorching to the benchtop surface.
Do not allow cooking pots or pans to intrude into the
area which is close to the controls.
Ensure burner bodies and trivets are properly located
(see Figure 1).
Read the following carefully to avoid an electric
shock or fire.
It is important to use your cooktop safely. Check these
safety points before using your cooktop.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sensory
or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure they do not
play with this appliance.
During use, this appliance becomes hot. Care should
be taken to avoid touching hot surfaces. To avoid
burns, young children should be kept away.
This appliance must not be used as a space heater.
Keep vents clear of obstructions.
In order to avoid a fire, this appliance must be
kept clean.
Do not spray aerosols in the vicinity of this appliance
while it is in operation.
Do not store flammable materials on or under this
appliance, e.g. aerosols.
Do not remove the trivet and enclose the burner with
a wok stand as this will concentrate and deflect heat
onto the burner.
Do not use large pots or heavy weights which can
bend the trivet or deflect flame onto the burner.
Do not place anything, e.g. asbestos mat between
pan and trivet as serious damage to the cooktop
may occur.
For maximum stability, ensure pots and pans are
centrally located on the trivets.
Handles should be turned away from the front of the
bench to avoid accidents.
Do not modify this appliance.
Only models fitted with flame safeguard can be used
in marine craft, caravans or mobile homes.

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