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Using Your Cooktop; Burners - Electrolux EHG313BD User Manual

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Figure 4
Standard burner
Dual wok burner
Both rings of wok
burner operate in
this range of knob
NOTE! Gas controls turn anticlockwise from 'OFF' and
have limited movement.
Keep hands clear of burners when lighting.
If burner does not light within 5 seconds, turn knob
to 'OFF' position, allow gas to disperse, then try
lighting again.
Burners MUST be operated between 'HIGH' and
'LOW' settings only. It is recommended not to operate
the dual wok burner in the area with dotted graphics.
To light a burner, the knob must be turned to the
'HIGH' position, then pushed down as far as
possible for approximately 5 seconds. If the flame goes out
when the knob is released simply depress the knob again,
this time holding it down with slightly more force for the
same length of time.
The height of the flame can be varied by turning the control
knob toward the
Note! When the wok burner is turned to low only the small
inner ring stays lit. This is a normal function of
the dual wok burner to provide a very low power
flame option.
In the absence of electrical power, carry out the ignition
directly to the burner with a hand held ignition source.
Note that the dotted line section of
the graphics is the transition between
operating zones. It is recommended
not to leave the knob in this position
'LOW' position.


Choice of burner
For your convenience there is a choice of burners:
A small burner for special low heat and
slow cooking.
A medium burner for normal cooking and simmering
(one on the four burner models and two on the five
burner models).
A large burner for fast heating and large pots
and pans.
A wok burner for very fast heating using a wok or
large pot or pan. This wok burner is also a "dual"
burner and therefore results in a small low powered
flame when the burner is turned down. This is
achieved by only supplying gas to the inner ring of the
wok burner.
To conserve gas place the pan centrally over the burner
and adjust the flame so that it does not extend past the
edge of the pan (Figure 5). Do not boil food too rapidly.
A vigorous boil will not cook food any faster, and will
waste energy.
Pots and pans
Only the inner
All common pots and pans; aluminium, stainless steel,
ring of the wok
cast iron, ceramic, etc., may be used on your new gas
burner operates
in this range of
cooktop. Ensure that the pots or pans are steady and have
knob rotation
flat bases to avoid dangerous spill-over of hot liquids and
wasted energy.
Never use asbestos mats, wire mats or grids,
or aluminium foil as it can lead to overheating,
cracked enamel or broken glass. The warranty will
be void if these items are used and cause a failure.
Woks should only be used on the wok burner and
wok support trivet (refer to Figure 3 on page 7).
Figure 5
Incorrect – flame too high
and will cause gas waste
and possible handle damage.
For a large burner,
use a large utensil.
Correct flame height.
Gas saved.
For a small burner,
use a small utensil.

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