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Part 1: Important Safety Instructions - Electrolux PHILCO PHSA 3500 User Manual


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1) Before connecting the appliance to a power socket check that the
technical details on the appliance label match the electrical voltage
in the socket.
2) Only plug the appliance into a correctly grounded socket.
3) This appliance is designed for use indoors. Do not use this appliance
for commercial purposes.
4) Do not use the appliance in industrial surroundings or outdoors!
5) Do not use the appliance for any other than its intended purpose.
6) Do not place the appliance on or near an electric or gas stove or
other sources of heat.
7) Do not place the appliance at the edge of a utility surface or on an
unstable surface. The appliance must be located on a stable and
even surface.
8) After connecting the appliance into an electric power supply the
cooking surface and the outer surface of the appliance begins to
heat up. Do  not touch the hot surface. To close or open the top
cooking plate use the thermally insulated handle and for removing
the sandwich use a wooden or heat resistant plastic spatula.
9) Allow adequate air circulation around the appliance when in use.
Do not place any objects on the heated surface of the appliance.
10) Always turn off the appliance and disconnect it from the power
socket if you leave it without supervision or if you will not be using
it and before cleaning.
11) Allow the appliance to fully cool down before moving, cleaning or
storing it.
12) Clean the grilling surfaces after each use, see the chapter Cleaning
and maintenance.
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