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Electrolux EHG313BD User Manual page 27

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This appliance is supplied set up for Natural Gas usage.
A conversion kit is included with the product for Universal
LPG usage. The conversion kit contains the appropriate
injectors and 1 LPG sticker.
Please follow the procedure below if a conversion to suit
UNIVERSAL LPG is required:
Remove the hotplate trivets, burner caps and burner
crowns to access the hotplate injectors. Replace the
factory fitted injectors with the appropriate injectors,
as supplied. Refer to injector orifice table for injector
sizes. The injector size is stamped on the side of the
Unscrew the top hat nut from the regulator. The top
hat nut and control pressure spring assembly will
disengage as an assembly.
Unscrew the threaded pin from top hat.
Upturn threaded pin, so spring is free and screw pin
back into the top hat until firm.
Refit the top hat nut assembly to the regulator
ensuring that it is fully screwed down. The regulator is
now set for connection to LPG.
Turn on the gas supply and at each new connection
check for leaks using soapy water. Each hotplate
valve should be turned on, one at a time, and the
injector hole blanked off for several seconds.
The operation of the regulator can be confirmed by
connecting a manometer to the pressure test point
located on the side of the regulator body adjacent to
the outlet.
With the appliance operating check the outlet
pressure when all burners of the appliance are
operating at maximum, when the smallest burner of
the appliance is operating at minimum.
Under these conditions the outlet pressure should
not vary from the nominal outlet pressure of 2.60kPa
by more than ±0.52kPa.
If the regulator appears to not be performing
satisfactorily then check the following points:
If the outlet pressure is consistently too low then the
inlet pressure may be too low and adjustment of an
upstream regulator may be needed, or an upstream
regulator or valve with insufficient flow capacity may
be present in the gas supply line.
If this is suspected then it may be necessary to
repeat the checks whilst measuring both the inlet and
outlet pressure to determine if the inlet pressure is in
the range 2.75 – 7.00kPa.
Check that the insert has been fitted correctly.
Check that the turret screw is fully screwed down.
Check that the regulator has been fitted to the gas
supply line in the correct orientation, the arrow on the
base of the body indicates the direction of gas flow.
Once these checks have been completed, if the
regulator still fails to perform in a satisfactory manner
it should be replaced.
One by one, turn the knobs to minimum and screw
in the bypass screw (accessible when the knob is
removed) until a small stable flame results. Turn the
knob to maximum and then back to minimum to
ensure that the correct minimum flame is maintained.
10. Attach the LPG sticker to the cooker, near the gas
supply inlet. Cover the Natural Gas label that is
factory fitted.
top hat nut assembly
fully screwed down
configuration for natural gas
flame size adjusted to maximum
flame size adjusted to minimum
turn top hat nut
and remove
configuration for LPG
bypass screw
control knob shaft

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