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Remove The Front Panel; Remove The Terminal Cover - Mitsubishi Electric JT-SB116EH-W-CA Installation Manual

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Installation (Continued)

1. Remove the front panel.

Remove screws (2 pcs).
Disengage the front panel at its groove from the
unit. Then remove the panel.

2. Remove the terminal cover

Remove the terminal cover mounting-screw. Then
pull to remove the cover toward you.
Run the power cord through the unit and
secure to the installation panel.
With the power cord running through the hole
provided on the backside, hang the backside of
the unit on the (three) installation panel hooks. With
the unit lightly pressed against the wall, fasten the
unit with the mounting screw (temporarily set in the
screw hole).
Be sure to hang the backside of the unit
securely on the lower hook, as the mounting
screw will not properly fasten if the unit is not
properly set.
Front panel
mounting screw
Front panel
Terminal cover
Terminal cover mounting screw
Power cord hole
Power cord
Unit mounting screw
Terminal block
Upper hook
Power cord
Installation panel
Lower hook
Unit mounting screw