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Install The Print Head - Canon PIXMA MP630 Getting Started

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Install the Print Head

Do not handle the Print Head
roughly such as applying them
excessive pressure or dropping

Open the Paper Output Tray (A), then lift the
Scanning Unit (Cover) (B) until it locks into place.
The Scanning Unit (Cover) (B) is fixed automatically.
The Print Head Holder (C) comes out. (This is where you
install the Print Head.)
Close the Document Cover and lift it with the Scanning
Unit (Cover).
The Print Head Holder makes a noise as it moves.
This is normal operation.
Raise the Print Head Lock Lever (D).
Firmly raise the Print Head Lock Lever until it stops. (The Print
Head Lock Lever may feel heavy.)
If the Print Head Holder does not move, make sure that the
machine is turned on.



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